Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Edit Truck only from Brutal invironment HD Engine


Western Star 5700 Otimus Prime Edition Truck only from
Brutal Invironment HD Engine 2015.
– Custome Skins allowed
– Perfect truck for the more than 100 tons cargo
– 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500HP(CAT/ISIX/DD06)

Team TLES Games, Stewen, Fabio Contier


18 thoughts on “Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Edit Truck only from Brutal invironment HD Engine

    1. Thank you so much for your video review..

  1. Seylan Dayı

    Installation Information How ?? Türkiyedeki Kardeşleriminde Konuyla İlgili Bilgisi Vardır Kurulumu Nasıl Yapılıyor Mod un

    1. Hi! You need to put the Western Star OP4 ZIP Archive (wich you downloaded) in your ETS 2 Mod folder and then activate it in game at mod manager :).

  2. Изорудованная модель с древних версий!!
    Izorudovannaya model with ancient versions !!

  3. K-whopper

    nice thanks for sharing.

    could u release a light fix? change blue lights to yellow. like in your video. with new paint skins yellow lights look more realistic…?????

    hope for more updates to come. this truck is a bad azz Western star 5700 xe truck. O ya

  4. K-whopper

    my bad video i saw was made by Bringln.

    1. Yes, I used Xenon mod 🙂

      1. K-whopper

        whitch xenon mod ???

  5. love this game and the mods are awesome

  6. i cant dowmload this mod does not give me that option

  7. David A King

    What dealer please? Have it and can I use Coronado at the same time.

    1. Laurentiu

      man dealer 🙂

  8. no scs file?

    how to install?

  9. will+leave+mod+graphic+to+version+1.23x+??

  10. Space Cam

    can this mod be done for version ets2 1.24 in standalone and independent of the freightliner coronado

  11. this mod worked in ets2 1.24 top speed 300+

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