Wheels mod


Author: strumf123


16 thoughts on “Wheels mod

  1. simleroutier

    password ?

    1. strumf123


    2. strumf123


      Password is:


  2. Upload nothing with password ffs

  3. Whats the password? You can’t use the wheels without it!

    1. strumf123

      PASSWORD IS: wtf12345

      copy wtf12345 and paste

      wtf12345 is password

  4. please could you tell me where the sun visor Is from?

  5. what is the mod you used to edit the Scania?

    1. strumf123

      LOOKIN’ Nice,right?!?!

      MODS USED:

      Scania reworked v3,,Sun visor from JENS BODE,TUNING MOD V3,,flare pack by dallybor

      1. tanks

  6. WheelS Dont no You What Do???

  7. wheels map is empty???????????????

  8. ###

    Wheels DIR empty
    Strumpf123 is empty
    and the sound good

    use y head

  9. Omankochan

    ### man… its not whells mod… realy sux ppl updated it

    ADM delet it!!!

  10. Omankochan

    ### man!!
    its not whells mod… realy sux updated it
    ADM plz delete it!!! and test later post in blog..

    1. strumf123

      OFC there is no wheels file i delete it

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