White Noise Reverse Sound


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Alternative white noise reverse sound for all trucks, replaces the back up beeper

Author: Greenlightracer



17 thoughts on “White Noise Reverse Sound

  1. vid?

  2. какой пароль?

  3. Password?

  4. Greenlightracer
  5. And how can a noise be white?.

    1. “White Noise” is an old school phrase for a constant hissing sound. Like the noise that a radio makes when it is not tuned in to any stations.

      No disrespect is intended towards Greenlightracer here, but the description is a little misleading.

      We do however remain grateful for their posting and sharing.

      1. Here is an example of White Noise.


    2. It’s called ‘white’ noise because it contains all the different frequencies of sound the human ear can hear (20Hz-20,000Hz), just like white light is made up of all the different frequencies (colours) of visible light.

  6. password pleas

  7. the file is fake or corrupt !!
    the video sounds like a duck with no voice .

  8. LOL – Or a poodle with hiccups!

  9. Greenlightracer

    Was not my intention to be misleading it’s just what they call it or broadband noise was the other name they give it on the trucks that have it on.
    I’m sure someone else could do better but I couldn’t find anyone else posted it so I thought I’d share.
    It’s like marmite I guess love it or hate it 🙂

    1. Mate whats the pass for the files, i cant extract them into the mods folder?

    2. I guess that different things are given different names these days. (I’m finding that a lot as I get older).

      When I was in a band and into synthesizers in the good ol’ 80’s – White noise was a constant hissing sound.

      After seeing the vid linked by Bouncer below – I hereby retract my statement about the name being slightly misleading.

      I guess you just have to keep up with the times.

  10. Bit of a longwinded vid, but here’s what white noise reverse alarms sound like on real trucks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hLIckg8bPI

    By the way, the file is passworded, so I can’t extract to the mod folder.

  11. Greenlightracer

    yeah that’s the sound, sounds different once recorded but here’s the un-passworded link, doh !


  12. ### is this

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