White Schmitz Trailer

White-Schmitz-Trailer-1 White-Schmitz-Trailer-2

Tested 1.24.x

Don’t reupload, respect my work.

Author: Deepy


4 thoughts on “White Schmitz Trailer

  1. Přeložit
    Ahoj, docela bych uvítal zveřejnit původ modelu. 😉
    Tohle není jen práce modaře Deepy.
    Hi, I quite welcome disclose the origin model. 😉
    This is not just a job Modar Deepa.

  2. Because you wrote do not upload, respect my work?
    you are the first one did not respect the credits (Rommi_TZ Express)
    boy do not get smart!

  3. This Trailer from RommiTZ is a Standardtrailer in ETS2Studio.
    So, why it should be your Work?????

  4. Shigure89

    Lol a white texture is your work, k then…

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