Winter Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod Release v 1.0

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Current season:
A winter version of the weather and the lighting, set up under mod Frosty Winter;
– Added cloudy weather, in Sunny weather a whole less;
– Removed Cumulus clouds;
– Temperature readings below zero.

Version 1.0:
– Changed the skybox to a cloudy weather;
– Adjust the color of the sun in cloudy weather and in snow;
– Adjustment options weather for map ProMods;
– Removed the extra green color during sunrise and sunset;

Game version: 1.30.
The RGM version: 1.9.2-2.0.2.
Version Frosty Winter: 6.5.

Itsuken, SGate, Supric, Frkn64, Grimes


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11 thoughts on “Winter Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod Release v 1.0

  1. THANKS !!!

  2. AJeratos125rus

    can you do it yourself? without
    SGate, Supric, Frkn64, Grimes????
    Another thief, who himself does not know how to do

    1. Я с графикой возился месяца 2, а если я возьмусь за всю зиму с нуля, то и зима кончится, и будет уже неактуально=)

      1. This 1di0t said this with irony!

        Such as this numbered 1di0ts who have never done anything sensible in their lives but consider themselves to be super specialists in all matters.

        They are only numbers and differ!

        Don`t listen, GOOD WORK, THANKS!

        1. Haha, thanks for good words=)
          I realized the irony, I just wanted to complain a little =) especially because the very first version of the add-on was almost ready, but the update was 1.30, and I had to redo everything =))

    2. Тем более Realistic Graphics Mod и Frosty Winter мне нравятся сами по себе, да и не только мне, это самые популярные моды в своих категориях.

      1. Да брось, всё нормально. Зачем заново делать что-то, если можно дополнить (или использовать какие-то часть, типа прописки и т.д.) уже имеющиеся работы. Хотя в некоторых случаях это не хорошо) Но тут-то другое дело 😀

  3. Soni Ananta Gamer

    The BEST MOD I Ever See

  4. Soni Ananta Gamer

    Link DEAD Reupload PLEASE

  5. Roadrunner

    the dl link is not found

  6. Link dead. Please remove the mod unless you’re going to give a new link!!

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