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Winter Mod BETA

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compatible with all map DLCs.
By good weather: -34 °C
By bad weather : -13 °C
Weather improvements
Improved rain
No thunder or lightning
HDR Bloom reduced
Winter daylight hours
Leafless vegetation
Traffic lights included
Other improvements
Step 1: First activate the mod!
Step 2: Enjoy new winter mod
When placing the mod on other sites, save the author’s link!



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10 Responses to Winter Mod BETA

  1. David says:

    Does it works with ProMods?

  2. Michael Fish says:

    It’s March. You’re 6 months too late.

  3. Guest22 says:

    Has potential but needs work. When in certain facilities you cant accelerate fast like your truck gets stuck in snow

  4. Nicolas says:

    The Best mod i´ve download nice work in first for the songs

  5. Eddie Twele says:

    Does it works Rusmap and Promods?

  6. Beth says:

    Surely -13 Is Warmer Than -34 So Why Is -34 By Bad Weather And -13 By Good Weather

  7. RayFiftyOne says:

    Improved rain? On a winter mod?

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