Winter mod for MP


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How to install?
Open [ETS2MP-FOLDER]/data and create “mods” folder. Copy+Paste winter_mod.scs in “mods” folder.Open ETS2MP. Enable winter mod and PLAY

Winter mode installation starting from 5.50

ETS2-MP Developers


6 thoughts on “Winter mod for MP

  1. Why even make this kind of mod when the wintermod is already implemented in the mod it self??

    1. Maybe of the many Fatal Errors we get by downloading ?
      Never thought of this ?

      1. download it later on then as the download server is heavily pressed as many are downloading the client 😛

  2. Alex knoks

    Excuse Devolover Multiplayer. whether mod game ets2 can be brought/inserted in to Multiplayer??

  3. mrlongshen

    Thanks alot 🙂

  4. FAKE this is satan winter complete mod..nothing like MP winter…

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