Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.X


1 ) Remove all unnecessary and not required and should not affect the
2) Replaced the texture of trees, now it is not snow-covered trees
with leaves,
but mostly bare trunks with branches .
3) The roads are slippery now , the car skid, travel only on
because can get up and stupidly grind to victory , especially with
heavy loads .

Author: Red Expert


37 thoughts on “Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.X

  1. yes yes…

    1. Joe Alker

      Give me 15 mins and I’ll have a mediafire link up

      1. Come on hurry up i need this mod!

        1. et la politesse???

  2. Joe Alker

    For those who don’t want to have any hassle

    1. ty dude ur awesome i love mediafire speed dw 🙂

  3. What’s wrong with the download link?

  4. Clever mod, well done…must have taken a lot of work.

  5. Piktybinis

    Nusuvilimas, jokiam map nera lietuvos …

    1. ProMods kūrėjai kuria po truputi Lietuvą, Latviją, Estiją.

  6. snoukkis007

    does it work for scandinavian promod

    1. ###. I expect in next version do it…

  7. excelente mod ,porem nao consigo rodar com o caminhão,,ele destraciona muito,mas é um excelente mod ,parabens

  8. japapapapa

    nice mod, thank you so much 🙂

  9. This mod sucks snowballs. You can only get to speeds of 30 KM because it feels like you are pushing five foot drifts with the vehicle. Scenery is better, it is slippery but you are as slow as a D9 CAT pushing snow down the road. You get a 2 out of 10 stars from me and I deleted it from my system, with no chance of redoing it!!!!!!!! BAD MOD.

    1. Supernaut

      It sounds like the same trouble as “Winter Mod 2.0.” I don’t know if this is supposed to be an update of that particular mod or if its something else altogether. If this is an update than it is a real shame this problem hasn’t been addressed. See my comment on Winter Mod 2.0

      Authors listed are: Icemann29, ETS2, ETS, GTS, Rondomedia

  10. Why does my truck randomly accelerate when I am don’t want to accelerate?

  11. thanks for the great winter mod. I was waiting for it. but how do I speed up? my speed stucks at 15 mph all the time =(

  12. Make a version without slippery roads please!

  13. sei mir nicht bös, aber der Mod ist für den Kübel.

  14. ill download this mod in winter 😀

  15. To revert back to normal driving behavior do following:
    In the ‘Winter Mod Light VE.scs’ file navigate to the material/road folder and delete the .mat files that start with ‘asphalt’. Those files have the entry ‘substance : “road”‘ substituted by ‘substance : “snow”‘, which results in the slippery driving experience.

    1. How do you even get into the file?

  16. I have included only the last map in the folder there is no other but the snow does not see it! How come? The game is fully updated

  17. To revert back to normal (but less realistic) driving behavior do following:
    In the ‘Winter Mod Light VE.scs’ file navigate to the material/road folder and delete the .mat files that start with ‘asphalt’. Those files have the entry ‘substance : “road”‘ substituted by ‘substance : “snow”‘, which resulted in the slippery driving experience.

    Nice textures by the way 🙂

    1. Little addition:

      In the asphaltxxx.mat files mentioned above (in the material\road dir) you can change the entry ‘substance : “snow”‘ to other road types.

      “road” is the default value and gives the most traction. You can also use ‘substance : “road_dirt” for a little less traction. Or
      ‘substance : “road_snow”‘ for even less, but still more than with “snow”

      I find the “road_snow” value a good compromise. You’ll see wheel spin while speeding up; the rigs slides when turning too fast;
      and speeds of up to 90 km/h can be reached.

      1. I don’t even know how to access the file that far.

    2. genseed315

      Thanks Trucker! 😉

  18. Is this Version 1.7 of the Winter Mod?
    Or for version 1.7 Patch?
    Thank you.

  19. too slippery..I’cant use mechanic on my wheels, how can I use it ?

  20. Does this mod affect all places in the game?

    1. please zip

  21. that mod is ####. when the truck is standing it is impossible to drive off. the highest it goes up to is 12kmh and wont go any further no matter how much i try.

  22. what does the author mean by travel only on mechanics??????????????????????????????????

  23. anonymouse

    Why is it playing Need for Speed music? And I couldn’t drive my Kenworth W900 Long because it’s too heavy.

  24. Kuba Kurowski


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