Wolf’s Pack Vol.1


This is a small tribute to all fans Scania RJL.

I made the first mini pack with my skins 14 skins in it:
– Old School Boy
– Scania Prophet
– Borealis
– Black Knight
– Black Angel
– Fjord transports
– Adrenalin Junkie
– And more of them

Please respect authors work and download link

Author: Alexandar _Lone_wolf


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5 thoughts on “Wolf’s Pack Vol.1

  1. Trucker Melli

    thank you lone wolf ! you make a real good job. I am still waiting for a perfect “sebus joker” metallic skin for the rjl . i think you can make it anytime . go on waiting for it……

  2. Alexander Lone wolf your skins are all great,thank you very much for your excellent work and for sharing with us,thx

  3. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Thanks to all i will give my best to make some more good skins

  4. thanks man they are so ####### nice made keep up the good work and thanks for the skins 😀

  5. and when is vol 2 comming 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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