Woman Driver

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Woman Driver For All truck
Kadın Sürücü Modu



16 thoughts on “Woman Driver

  1. LaurentJap

    Lol, this woman is INTEGRED to the game,
    you just need to take an woman pic !
    Don’t dowload this fake mod !

    1. i pity you I never do fake mod. If you don’t believe the download is that simple.

      1. LaurentJap

        It’s an fake mod “1mo” = nothing added. if player look in MP guys taked “Girl”, they see the same woman driver.

  2. does it have animation ?

    1. She have arm animation.

  3. AfzallPixell

    Woman Driver Mod Video Test 1,36……..

    1. thanks for your promotion.

      1. AfzallPixell

        thanks a lot, MLT. Nice Mod

  4. truck gurl

    please make her in other outfits as well or let us change her outfit

    1. Thank you. I took note.

    2. LaurentJap

      ptdr, this woman is integred to the game, you just need to change the profil picture in “base girl” lol

  5. LaurentJap

    Gg to all,
    In TruckersMP, people who take a girl from the profile choices have absolutely the same character xD

    1. Don’t cry anymore.

      1. LaurentJap

        I just hate scammers like you @MLT

        1. Oky man.You can cry. sen iflah olmaz bir gerizekalısın.

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