World Radio Stations V11

Radio stations, updated, added 42 new stations adding a total of 524.
Once the file has been downloaded, copy and paste into the documents / eurotrucksimulator folder.
I hope you like it.
Do not re-upload, thanks



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13 thoughts on “World Radio Stations V11

  1. Nektarios

    What the…. You put every country except for greece?

    1. At the moment of Greece there are 2 stations, with each update I am uploading new ones of varied countries, in the following I can add more of Greece

    2. sakis team

      Την Ελλαδα την εχουν γραψη κανονικα

  2. IFlarious

    Hey man, I need malaysian radio. I’ve tried to put in, but never successful.
    Here’s the links :

    stream_data[0]: “|Fly FM|Pop|EN|96|0”
    stream_data[1]: “|Hitz FM|Pop|EN|64|0”
    stream_data[2]: “|Sinar FM|Jiwang|MY|128|0”
    stream_data[3]: “|Hot FM|Pop|MY|128|0”
    stream_data[4]: “|ERA FM|Pop|MY|128|0”

    1. In the next update I will try to put these stations

      1. IFlarious

        Thanks man. Here’s the detail info
        Country : Malaysia
        Channel : 1. Fly FM
        2. Hitz FM
        3. Hot FM
        4. Era FM
        5. Sinar FM

        1. Ok thanks for the information

          1. any new updates for the Malaysian radios?

          2. Next week I will upload the new update with Malaysia radios

        2. I’m trying to put the stations you asked for but I can not get them to work, I’m sorry

          1. I’ll put the ones I can from Malaysia but I could not

  3. Berat Gashi

    Are there Albanian & Kosovo Radios ?

  4. In the next update I can include stations from Albania and Kosovo

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