World Radio Stations v15

World radio stations, updated.
With a total of 804 stations,
I hope you like them.
If someone wants a new station, let me know and I will add it in the next update, if possible.
Do not copy, respect the work, thank you



21 thoughts on “World Radio Stations v15

  1. -Thanks for update

    1. You are welcome

  2. Add Pakistani Radio stations. especially FM 92.4 and FM 89.0

    1. OK, in the next update I will try to add them

      1. Thanks!

  3. Maybe ad also dutch stations that Wil Be nice

    1. In the next update I will add more Dutch stations

  4. Please add radio stations romania i like it.

    1. Thanks, ok, I will add more radio stations from romania

  5. congratulations on the work!
    I could add some Brazilian radio stations, such as mix fm, fm o dia, etc., again, congratulations for your dedication and results

    1. Thank you very much, I will search and try to add these Brazilian radio stations and some more in the next update

  6. could you add some more english radio stations from around the uk like some of the ones in cornwall and the midlands I.E Pirate fm in cornwall and like signal 1 in the midlands (staffordshie)

    1. Ok, I’ll try to see if I can add them in the next update

  7. Здравствуйте,можете добавить Итальянские радостанции:Radio studio+,piterpan.

    1. Хорошо, я поищу их, чтобы посмотреть, можно ли их добавить

  8. Mogłbyś dodać radio wawa ?

    1. OK spróbuję

  9. Charro Logistics

    Hi Maryjm, great mod!!
    I missed the following channels
    “|Miled Music
    But then I just pasting in the files from the earlier version of the mod, and it worked fine.

    1. OK, thanks

  10. Japan please

    1. Ok, I will add radio stations from Japan

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