ZIL 157 (1.31)

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– Standalone;
– Motor Show Man;
– 1 cabin;
– 3 variants of the chassis, including a tandem;
– 5 engines;
– 11 transmissions;
– Their sounds;
– 1 variant of the interior (own);
– Repainted;
– Tuning;
– Its off-road wheels;
– Support for DLC “Cab accessories” and DLC “National window flags”.

Model is inspired by SpinTires game.

Lacoste36, BR Mods



10 thoughts on “ZIL 157 (1.31)

  1. impossible to download from this site!

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      it’s simple

    2. what is impossible??
      click free download , wait 30 seconds check captcha click generate download link, click download.. minute work!
      If you don’t know wait 30 seconds then do not download it.

    3. Tree, go your way, you lose nothing! Unhealthy site, like no real modder uses it!

  2. files 2016 -2017

  3. Hello
    just a great vehicle. But would be even better if the driver’s cab would be brighter u. the spoke from the handlebar would not be right in front of the speedometer.
    Thanks for this vehicle.
    Best regards and so on.

  4. What kind of mod is needed to install a navigator?
    I’am install navigator in cabin,but it is not displayed.
    Somebody can help me?

  5. What mod do me need,for to install the navigator?
    I’am install navigator in cabin,but he is not display.
    Somebody can help me,please?

  6. El link esta roto, no sirve

  7. broken link please reupload

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