Peterbilt 359 v 1.0


Peterbilt 359 sunkvežimis pakeičia Iveco sunkvežimį

Autoriai: smarty Ivan Tim (poler) Chris Rowan Matt (Superman) pete379jp klearney Samson SCS goba6372


22 Responses to Peterbilt 359 v 1.0

  1. MrEtsTrucker sako:

    Come one guys…

    Give some more info on the mod :) . . . . .

    Tested on version:?

    Is it a beta version: ?

    Compatibile to version: ?

    Small detail like that is very helpfull for us that use it and saves us a lot of time!


  2. Aventador sako:

    unfortunately this truck don’t work for 1.4.12 patch version :(

  3. Hauser sako:

    Its not working on ver. 1,4,xxx of the game it crashes instantly…!!! sorry to say :(

  4. MrETSTrucker sako:

    I knew it!

  5. One Blood sako:

    For me work great on 1.4.12 Finaly interior without GPS

  6. flav59 sako:

    Problème de caméra trop haute, je ne vois pas la route…

  7. MrETSTrucker sako:

    Ok I will try this mod now.

    P.S. It is a waste of time if it doesnt work!

  8. Thisguy84 sako:

    Works fine on 1.4.12 only thing i don’t like is i can’t see driver side mirror without looking over little bit other then that Good Job

  9. Ramin sako:

    Aiightis is making a better one coming soon. :)

  10. SeniorSancho sako:

    Well done guys! My mod stole more and complain …

  11. Zach sako:

    Where exactly do you find this truck? I’ve tried looking for it at all Iveco dealers. I got the 1.4.12 patch can someone please help? Thanks it is much appreciated

  12. klever sako:

    Works fine on 1.5.2 DLC
    Need removable interior cooler and sun-blind.
    More powerful motor.
    Purchase must be 10xp lever

  13. GT_Eleanor sako:

    What dealer exactly do you get this truck? Would helpful to know.

  14. edgaras sako:

    change link,please

  15. julio sako:

    version serves to

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