Įvairios kabinos ir važiuoklės AI eisme v1.1


Naudodami šį modą AI eisme pamatysite vilkikus su įvairesnėmis kabinų ir važiuoklės variacijomis.
Žaidimo versija: 1.7
Modo versija: 1.1



7 thoughts on “Įvairios kabinos ir važiuoklės AI eisme v1.1

  1. Nearly none of the old mods works on v 1.7

    1. WillSSlazio

      All the mods I used before are still working

  2. But I don’t have the new Volvo or new Iveco in my traffic with this mod (only) in my folder

    1. WillSSlazio

      The Iveco HI-Way and Volvo are rare to appear in traffic.

      I hope I have understood your comment my English is bad.

      1. Ooh ok thanks 🙂 and great mod love the variety of cabs!

  3. Martyn Romaine

    something wrong with this..it don’t work and the file size is way too small for this type of mod

    1. WillSSlazio

      dude you really understand what the mod does?

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