Karinės tekstūros paketas


Ši tekstūra pritaikyta Kamaz vilkikui ir Eurogoodies priekabai.
Autorius: Thono
Patobulinimai: Ekualizer
Tekstūra: Millsyb


6 thoughts on “Karinės tekstūros paketas

  1. szocske01

    A division of thanks. For me, a DAF truck that can vennu, but I can not find a trailer to transport the list anywhere.

  2. ekualizer

    Where are all credits???

    Authr: Thono
    Edit and def: Ekualizer
    Skin: Millsyb

    Millsyb …you are not author this mod, you are only skiner

    1. Sorry

  3. ekualizer


  4. I didn’t say i was the Author of the Mod it say’s skin by Me if you can read.

  5. Lol you know how to take screenshots … because i’ve tested your mod and its not the same quality as on the picture…

    very disappointed

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