DAF XF Euro 6 + Extras


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SCS, Modsbyrob, MisterOlla


19 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 + Extras

  1. HAKAN says:


  2. Gabriel says:

    Very Nice!!!Please put the steer wheel in the right position,scs release new DAF with steering wheel in the wrong position!!!

    • matpol98 says:

      What if it is like that in real life? I dont see any chance that SCS did put the steering wheel there by accident.

      • Michael says:

        he means that the steering wheel is infront of the lower part of the dash. and in trucks you can adjust the steering wheel to how you like so it isn´t infront of the dash

  3. TeddyBear says:

    It’s not compitable with 1.13.3?

    • matpol98 says:

      Nope, this daf isnt even in that version…

      • TeddyBear says:

        I know that but just thought it might be exported to work with the 1.13.3 patch.
        As other DAF E6 mods are compitable with that patch.

    • Rafael says:

      Not compatible with 1.13.3

  4. kriechbaum says:


  5. MarianZ says:

    DAF XF Euro 6 Liftable axles Patch 1.14 Video http://youtu.be/9GZtQy2fS_c

  6. Majoox says:

    I can not find it in the game. file selected, but nowhere to be found in daf dealer. online

  7. joe_alker says:

    I wouldn’t recommend making a mod based on the beta versions, as several things may be corrected on the model as bugs are found.

    • Modsbyrob says:

      Even bother to read the readme that outlined this specific issue?

  8. jvpdosqjv says:

    it doesn’t work on 1.14! 🙁

  9. Metaltom says:

    not Work @ Version 1.13.3

  10. Faelandaea says:


    Okay the description is VERY clear – this is NOT a truck. So, no, it’s not going to work in 1.13. Absolutely everyone knows that the Euro 6 is in Beta for the upcoming 1.14 release, and this description even verifies it is for that particular truck.

    To the author – love this mod. Works beautifully in my 1.14 beta. I’m testing other trucks now but this has inspired me to do some modding of my own to a couple of trucks for plastic parts 🙂

    • Modsbyrob says:

      He gets it. Thank you, Faelandea! That’s why I specifically said “More to come in the next version” since that version will be a more solid build!

  11. ThatYorkshireman says:

    Hey Rob, could you please see if you can make the plastic parts for the bottom of the cab look more like plastic? currently they look like they have just been painted as it still looks too black, very smooth and shiny. Thanks!

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