Eastern Express v 3.6M + žemėlapis su papildymu


Žaidimo versija: 1.14.x

Nauji miestai: Новый Уренгой, Надым, Воркута, Салехард, Лабытнанги, Хорей-Вер and Инта

Autoriai: valera_t, SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer, sowa, Olsestar, oq37, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck

SIŲSTI 344 MB žemėlapis
SIŲSTI 179 MB papildymai

27 thoughts on “Eastern Express v 3.6M + žemėlapis su papildymu

  1. Where Abouts Is The 2nd Picture? Looks Good

  2. experimental trucker

    Hello. Been waiting for this update for a while. Thanks valera_t, SCS Software, Morozov & others. Looking forward to exploring the new parts of the map.

  3. its compatible with another maps?


  5. pan_marynarka

    doesn’t work on

    1. Working

      1. you have to download addon

        1. pan_marynarka

          I’ve got addon pack, 20-30m of drive and game crash

          1. I have the same problem pan_marynarka

  6. Around Katowice it’s always frezing

  7. Near Wroclaw = crash

  8. Hasan Deniz Dikeç

    map is great but i cant find these roads(in picture) where are they?

    1. tuhkustuhke

      in the north eastern areas

      1. Hasan Deniz Dikeç


  9. Crashing/freezing right before Gdansk 🙁

  10. This map need DLC?

  11. Is that map need DLC?

  12. Works on version 1.12???

    1. “GAME VERSION: 1.14.x”
      Can you read?

  13. Game crashes in loading screen

    1. I have the same problem! Deliver thyself the situation, Leha 85!:)
      Спасать положение, Leha 85!! 🙂

  14. addon required for installation?

  15. tuhkustuhke

    i had a crash when i took a train but when i tried again it didnt crash..

  16. tuhkustuhke

    very good map but it would be nice if ai traffic were very fast like in real life in russia for example 150km/h. and the roads are so straight its easy to drive fast

  17. Guys it doesn’t work for ets2 v1.13 even if you install the module for this mod. I guess you have to stay with v3.5 until the final patch of ets2 v1.14 has released.

  18. does anyone know if there is a patch from V 1.4.12 to latest version? I tried all the other patches but nothing seems to work. Game just crashes all the time

  19. The creators of this mod could adapt to versio
    1.21 porq is very good, give yourself and thanks

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