(EN) GAZ-3302 Business

Atsiprašome, tačiau įvyko vertimo klaida.

18 Responses to (EN) GAZ-3302 Business

  1. Rene says:

    i cant extract it in my mod map

  2. seb99 says:

    can u make for truck not tandem

  3. Kirill says:

    not Cyril Mladsi, and Kirill Mladshev

  4. ngaichun says:

    i hope nave Right Driving

  5. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice but it need some sound changes. thanks! ps. this mod is locked

  6. Edward says:

    Engine sound dissapears after some time. Quite odd

    • Steffen says:

      also for me its very odd. i have promods map it may be that 🙂

    • steffen700 says:

      Also for me it is very odd I have promods map it might be the but i dont know 🙂

      • Edward says:

        Yeah, might be something to do with the map, since I tried it with Hungary map)

  7. Casu97 says:

    Guy, password?. Thx.

  8. oneal says:

    Hey guys. How do i do this? I have winrar 32 bit (even tho my windows is 64 bit) and every time i mod my laptop crashes. I slide the SCS file into the mod folder in my ETS 2 documents.

    Why is it not working? my version is 1.16.2

    To be specific, every time i get to the car/truck the page crashes (when in the volvo dealer). I can’t even purchase it 🙁

  9. oneal says:

    Also, when i open THIS mod.

    The vehicle is NOT in the volvo dealer in luxemburg ….

  10. Mohamed says:

    this mod is very heavy in driving

  11. DareO says:

    How to unlock it?????

  12. orphanmeerkat36 says:

    Hola amigo tengo un problema con el trailer no em aparece no se que hacer gracias =D

  13. Mateusz Węgrzyk says:

    a zkąd wziąść ładunek

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