Patobulinti orai v4.0


Naujos dangaus tekstūros, lietaus sistema, HDR grafika ir kiti pakeitimai.

BlackOpen, Supric


29 Responses to Patobulinti orai v4.0

  1. Majoox says:

    Can there please be a mod without the TSM map?

    665 MB are too much for me

    • RickDeckard says:

      The TSM Mod is not included in this one. This is 665MB because these are HD graphichs. And if you ask me, it’s worth every byte of it.

  2. 1xmichaelx1 says:

    AMAZING! music is perect :3 TOP mod!

  3. JazzGuru says:

    Incredible mod!

    Thank you so much for making this… 🙂

  4. Vader says:

    BlackOpen, Supric, Браво!!

  5. wegger says:

    Excellent BlackOpen! Spassibo!

  6. Arnas says:

    Do I have to extract both .scs files to mod folder or just one?

  7. randy says:

    i have White stripes in the sky can someone tell me why?? i dont have any other weather mod active,any help???

    • randy says:

      problem fixed and WOW what a great mod…the best seen so far on ETS2

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks for your hard work, but if you don’t mind me saying… Model in old format detected ‘/model/skybox/skybox.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance! Not complaining. Just letting peeps know.

  9. gaby55 says:

    thanks so much

  10. Dodger says:

    what a great mod working with all far the greatest one i have seen tried them all works with all my mods and on hungary map removed all other graphic enhancement mods…i see much work has been put into this got it working in tsm 5.2.2 but whaen i take a job or try to read the map i cant see north africa…is there a fix for this so i can see all the trade map in tsm map 5.2.2 ….jst a not love the way the street are halos form distance and focus as you get closer jst like real life….bows to the modder for outstanding work

  11. Yoyo says:

    Will the regular graphics version release? 😛

  12. Marek says:

    Hi, does anyone know how to increase frequency of the morning fog?

  13. Ray says:

    could you please upload to yandexdisk or mediafire
    i can’t download it

  14. perfect work…hats off but while using with rus map i cant see whole map is there a solution..?

  15. ACAB says:

    Excelent mod. Thanks

    I’ve noticed a little problem with the TSM map 5.2. When u want to go on the world map u can’t navigate everywhere on the map, even with the zoom fully out

  16. wegger says:

    Don’t work 1.14.x

    updates please

  17. Banksy says:

    great mod i miss it :-), plz make it work for 1.14x.

  18. seb99 says:

    plz made it for mha pro eu map 1.6

  19. John4246 says:

    When can we get Improved Weather Reload for ETS 2
    version 1.14.2?

  20. AnthraxDuck says:

    BlackOpen has released the Fix Files available here:

  21. endonesa says:


    I tried failed 3 times


  22. Theosz says:

    playing in ETS2 v1.13.4.1s

    00:02:34.021 : Model in old format detected ‘/model/skybox/skybox.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!

  23. gigi kent says:

    Great mod dude. I can’t wait to see your next version.Keep up the good work and thank you!

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