Mercedes Benz Econic AI eismo vilkikas

Mercedes-Benz-Econic-AI-Traffic-Truck-2 Mercedes-Benz-Econic-AI-Traffic-Truck-1

Testuoota 1.13.x ir 1.14.x beta versijos

Autorius: Traffic_maniac


3 Responses to Mercedes Benz Econic AI eismo vilkikas

  1. eXet says:

    very nice please, make econic garbage truck but no traffic truck. Make it possible to play econiccal PLEASE and make econic sound pleaseee :

  2. TBLP says:

    Nice 🙂 MY Dad drive it as garbage truck 😉 But place make it so we can drive it…maybe with Interior 🙂

  3. Paťo 201 says:

    Can you make it like this :, please (with second door and three blinds) ? Thank, you very much 🙂

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