Mercedes Benz SK 1853 + Salonas


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Blade1974, KRaL Interior: Stas556, водитель102рус, dmitry68

SIŲSTI 7.9 MB yandex

14 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SK 1853 + Salonas

  1. Gameplay Review

    No shadow and probably wipers do not work

    1. “probably wipers do not work” ?

      If you had actually used the truck, surely you would know if the wipers work or not.

      1. Gameplay Review

        I concluded after watching video, Sherlock

        1. The word “probably” does not indicate a conclusion… Sherlock.

  2. roadrunner

    yet again why no right hand drive interior? im working on a DAF 2800 and 3300 a volvo FL10 and a few others and they all have both left hand drive and right hand drive!!!! i only use right hand drive in game but im still doing left hand drive so every one can use them when i release them

    1. Michael Fase

      If you have finished the daf 2800 could you make the 2900 aswell, it is almost the same but has a different grill. here is a picture of my dads truck

        1. roadrunner

          that shouldent be a probolem as i made a 3200 with the same grill way back for the 18 wheels of steel haulin game so i can see if i still have the cab and i have also been working on a old DAF 2800 turbo (the one before the ATI) that is a 4×2 curtensided ridged so wach this space and when i have a few others finished off and released i will do it for you mate

      1. Well… since we’re on the classic DAF tour, then the good old DAF 2000 DO should also be included.
        Gotta love those oldies 😉

  3. Gunther Willers

    Mooie wagen Micheal, die DAF 2900 van je pa. Ik wacht al heel lang op een klassieke DAF mod, dus ik hoop dat ‘ie er snel komt.

  4. balkanboy

    mp2 interior

  5. 3300 will be nice love those trucks

  6. can i have 2 mercedes replacemets

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