MMG žemėlapis v 2.5 DEMO

MMG-Map-v-2.5-DEMO-1 MMG-Map-v-2.5-DEMO-2

Reikalingas East DLC.
Testuota 1.12.1 ir 1.13.3 versijos

Autorius: M.M.Gunawardana


25 Responses to MMG žemėlapis v 2.5 DEMO

  1. Beth says:

    Can You Make To Work With v1.14.x? 🙂

  2. melios says:

    Nice work
    Can i use it with TSM ?

  3. MigaraMadawa says:

    Follow Me On FaceBook =
    Follow Me On TSU =

  4. MigaraMadawa says:

    v1.14.x Orginal Is not RELESED

  5. fredy says:

    Excelent. One of the best mappers. Thanks Mr. Gunawardana

  6. Joe says:

    MigaraMadawa is right only the steam version is released.
    great job man awesome map iv’e played almost all of your maps already. By the way I’ve noticed that you’ve added another axle to your truck. I drive the same volvo with the same chassis.

  7. Hasan Deniz Dikeç says:

    why dont you do this for 1.14.We want to see this map on 1.14.I love this map!

  8. Theosz says:


    I think this is a pretty cool and interesting map, I see only a thing that can improve:

    some hills and curves are very, very steep and because it makes sense to play too unrealistic. Despite being a game, I have many doubts if they were real, a car could climb. I would appreciate more if the curves and slopes were not as steep and sloping. its is my thought

  9. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    This is a full run (broken down into 3 parts) throughout the whole map starting in Bialystok making pickup & deliveries in just about every city and finally heading back to Bialystok to complete the run. As usual, MMG’s maps are always challenging with a bit of everything thrown in which is well worth the time to explore.

    In parts of the video, you’ll see having a certain bus mod activated does increase the challenge level which for me, just makes exploring the map so much more fun.

    Message to @M.M.Gunawardana, this is just one opinion out of many but, I think it’s time you really just go big with your maps (meaning much more cites, more miles/kilometers to travel) in other words, a much larger map expansion. Looking forward to more additions/expansions to your maps.

  10. MadMaxMiner says:

    Love this map because of the tight narrow road the smaller the better.

  11. Jakov152 says:

    hmm, very cool map!

  12. Fred says:


    i have noticed on some roads that you cant go any further. and if you do, you fall down and get stuck

  13. Theosz says:

    thx for this nice map MigaraMadawa. I have some issues to improve – I had in my ETS2 v1.13.4.10s

    MMG – needs to ramp, subsidence ; [09/11/2014 22:12] (sec+0012-0004);51965.9;44.7291;-15872.5
    MMG – terrain blinking ; [09/11/2014 22:24] (sec+0014-0004);59136.3;147.163;-14633.3
    MMG – terrain blinking ; [09/11/2014 22:24] (sec+0014-0004);59261.3;144.298;-14668.5
    MMG – needs to ramp, subsidence ; [09/11/2014 22:30] (sec+0015-0004);60304.8;143.199;-15711.6
    MMG – log is blinking ; [09/11/2014 22:31] (sec+0015-0004);60352.6;144.289;-15877.6
    MMG – The ai car run inclined ; [09/11/2014 22:39] (sec+0015-0005);61651.6;347.594;-17473.7
    MMG – gps 70km X signpost 90km ; [09/11/2014 22:43] (sec+0016-0005);64027.6;254.027;-16154.9

  14. Human says:

    make working with tsm map+rus map please

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