Stobart Volvo tekstūra




19 thoughts on “Stobart Volvo tekstūra

  1. blackheaven14

    hi do you have a template for it? 🙂

  2. Send me a email [email protected] and i give you the template

    1. AgainstAllOddsz

      fred_be you need email addresses ?

      for what ?
      you get money for that ?

    2. fred_be can i edit this skin

  3. JimmyJoJr

    Just to note I have updated the skin to make a few minor corrections. The download link above is correct.

    @blackheaven14 — Check out SCS official forums for the template. It was posted by Ohaha in the “Volvo FH Template” thread in the player to player help centre.

  4. blackheaven14

    thnx jimmy

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Send an e-mail? Why? Take the risk it’s gonna be hacked? No way José….. Uhm…. Fred_be You can place the template here!

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks Baba really gret!

  7. Nobody Needs to Know

    Is this only for the Globetrotter XL cab or FH16, because I have the standard Globetrotter cab on the FH and I cant find it…or do I have to unlock it?

  8. Skin Stobart New Volvo Fh16 2013/2014 + Game v1.7
    does not work, skin introubable…
    But thank you 😉

    1. Nobody Needs to Know

      Same, theres a lot of skins for me that wont show up in the paint shop, including this one.

    2. JimmyJoJr

      No idea why. Works fine for me and I keep my game updated.

      1. JimmyJoJr

        Also the truck came with patch 1.7 so it was clearly made for patch 1.7 😉


    thanks a lot for this mod!
    just reached level 12 on the game and bought the Volvo but when i went to buy the skin for it i had to pay £10,000 (add £80 or something like that)
    i was pretty shocked!

    1. InsaneJericho

      Sometimes I put a price on the skins representative of the time it took to make. The green logo part took over 6hrs on it’s own.

      If it makes you feel better, it’s the same price in my own game. 🙂

      1. A.Stellemark

        Could you update the mod to work on the latest patch? also great skin 😀

        1. JimmyJoJr

          All skins should work with the latest versions of the game.

          I keep my game updated and have had this skin since it was released. No issues here and I’m now running 1.11 beta.

          It’s also worth nothing the author has updated his skin so the front now meets the sides correctly.

  10. HI, How do i install this?

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