SweetFX 1.14




26 thoughts on “SweetFX 1.14

  1. Link truck ? 🙂

    1. Dont exist… Its my old version of Roling which i give to Axelrol and he edit it, but i dont know why is that on this screens…

  2. TYVMuch Dastagir

  3. Video with this SweetFX http://youtu.be/Sb7M_MhfG14

    1. Thats about a physics mod… Not a graphic mod.

  4. thank Dastagir 😉


  6. Thanks! Nice SweetFx!

  7. cristakey

    Hi, when I start the game (through Razer Cortex) the application doesen’t start: why?

  8. Hayalet26

    No changes did not !!!

  9. How to see this sweetfx in pictures? I take a photo on ETS 2 but when i open the picture doesn`t see the sweetfx mod..just the simple picture.

    1. You have to take photo with the free camera

  10. cristakey

    I can’t do it work. The game starts with the SweetFX without problems but on size 1024×760! And when I select “1920X1080” or lower the game crashes. Can you help me?

    1. Faelandaea

      Oooh yeah good question. This mod isn;t specific to resolution is it? I won;t go any lower than 5040×1200 resolution.

      1. So, can’t I use it if I have 1920×1080 resolution?

  11. Faelandaea

    Very nice!

    Oh . . . @Maxx3501 . . . I think you linked the wrong video, mate. That video just focuses on some Renault trying to show off a physics mod – not showing any environment or anything at all besides a truck rocking all over the place 😉

  12. Hi Dastagir, what graphic card you have? Thanks!

  13. Dastagir can you help me with text in front glass on the truck?

  14. Hello I have a problem or not, my game is working normally but I have time to pluis, is this normal?

  15. I don’t see any changes other than this forced my game to 1024×760 on lowest possible settings, in full-screen mode, and changing anything causes the game to crash.

    1. The same problem

  16. Trailer please?

  17. just a bullshit !!!

  18. So fun.. downloaded it installed it.. started the game.. then it crashed. Fun .__. (not)

  19. That photos make Axelrol with his sweetfx, your looks weird…

  20. how to disable MLAA and color correction ???

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