Priekabų paketas su tikroviškom tekstūrom v 1.9.0

Trailers-Pack-with-Realistic-Textures-v-1.9.0-1 Trailers-Pack-with-Realistic-Textures-v-1.9.0-2

Priekabų aprašymas anglų kalba

Autorius: Vaarduar


16 thoughts on “Priekabų paketas su tikroviškom tekstūrom v 1.9.0

  1. GamerHacker

    Woow New Update Thanks :3
    I love your mod 😀

  2. volvo4life

    Awesome trailer mod,thanx for sharing!

  3. Thanks. Very nice pack !

  4. Very nice pack ! Thanks.

  5. Amazing!!! Thank you!

  6. Cool ty!

  7. As always: Perfect!

  8. para mi este es el mejor pack de trailer is perfect very nice pack trailer !!!

  9. Very good mod as always, thank you. One thing though, are you going to do an .le version for a more realistic economy?

    1. This version is available on official website

      1. Thank you, just downloaded.

  10. Works very well on Great job!
    Is it possible to use on 1.9.xx?sno

    1. Yes, it works with latest patch.

  11. authors link, this is a re upload!!!!

  12. hi vey nice pack hey vaarduar ken you make by next of the mod H.essers skin to Schmitz S.CS here is a picture

  13. breizhdave

    hello works 1.10?

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