Clash of Clans Barbarian Skin Pack

Clash-of-Clans-Barbarian-4 Clash-of-Clans-Barbarian-1 Clash-of-Clans-Barbarian-5 Clash-of-Clans-Barbarian-3 Clash-of-Clans-Barbarian-2

This Skin is Compatible with v1.16.3s to v1.17, This mod have many following Skins/Trailers so Please Stand by for any Updates or any [Clash of Clans] made by me.
If you want to re-Post this Mod Please Use MY ORIGINAL LINK!!!
Do not Re-Upload just Re-Post!!!

Authors: John Necir Rebellion, SUPERCELL

DOWNLOAD 141 KB for Renault Magnum
DOWNLOAD 159 KB for Renault Premium
DOWNLOAD 188 KB for Iveco Hi Way
DOWNLOAD 164 KB for Mercedes

Cargo Pack v 5.4

Cargo-Pack-1 Cargo-Pack-2

YouTube preview

– Added Cement load
– Added Gas Cooker load
– Added transformer load
– Added Oranges load
– Added load Ores
– Added Bus load Broken
– Added racing cars Stork load
– Added Tables load
– Added Reel load compreensor
– Other minor fixes no charges not left the truck turn well.

Author: TlesGames

DOWNLOAD 366 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 366 MB [Sharemods]

Dell Trailer

Dell-1 Dell-2

Dell Trailer Skin
Work on 1.17 version

Author: EviL


Avatar Trailer

Avatar-1 Avatar-2

Standalone Avatar Trailer Skin

Author: EviL


Bennekebens Rusty Trailer mod v 1.2


Mod created by Bennekeben
Feel free to add me on steam @ Bennekeben

MOD Tested on ETS2 version1.17
Updated to 1.17 compatible
Reduced weight from 34 to 14 tons
This mod can work on lower versions but is not tested.

Whats in this mod?
Custom Trailer skins with a rusty rat look by Bennekeben
added different styles of rusty looks with custom trailer Mudflaps with custom texts ;) by Bennekeben

Also this isnt just a rusty trailer, this trailer is possesion by the maffia and is used for illigal business..
Overloaded old Coolliner trailers weighing about 34tons filled with things they are willing to pay u good for!
Stay low, dont get any tickets and get payed like a boss!
Use your own truck or go for a quick job..

Maybe more differnt stylels of trailers..
also Rusty Trucks in construction..
Report a bug, Ask info and guide, find me @ Http://

Started off with a stand-alone Coolliner trailer by matdom1988.
Reworked everything so its compatible at its best.

Wheels added from 50.keda > alcoa with and without safetyring + most Brands & Ventyres > Red+White style.

Standard set with the Alcoa Dubblec Wheels.
Below i explained some help how to change the trailer wheels
u need winrar to open the mod and notepad to read the sii scripts.

To change the Wheel-Type/Model u need to change the commands yourself.
everything is added so its verry easy to do. remember to make a Back up of the mod incase u need
to start over…for more help feel free to add me on steam @ Bennekeben

Open the mod and…

go to def/vehicle/trailer/bc_mods0.sii
open bc_mods.sii and change the data_path line

ALCOA >> data_path: “/def/vehicle/t_wheel/coolliner1.sii”
Change to
VENTYRES >> data_path: “/def/vehicle/t_wheel/coolliner2.sii”
There are 3 axles so u need to change it to all 3 or
u can have 3 different wheels also.
coolliner1.sii = alcoa
coolliner2.sii = ventyres

To change the Alcoa with Ring or without ring follow path
and change model line

WITHOUT RING > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_scania_r_no_ring.pmd”

Change to

WITH RING > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_scania_r.pmd”


If u want to change the brand on the alcoa wheel then change the brand name to what u want

SCANIA > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_scania_r_no_ring.pmd”
DAF > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_daf_r_no_ring.pmd”
MAN > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_man_r_no_ring.pmd”
MERCEDES BENZ > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_mb_r_no_ring.pmd”
VOLVO model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_volvo_r_no_ring.pmd”
If u dont like the dubble wheels u can add the single alcoa wheels aswell
change the same line but replace the r with a f ( standing for rear & front)

REAR > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_scania_r_no_ring.pmd”
FRONT > model: “/vehicle/wheel/coolliner1/50k_scania_f_no_ring.pmd”


Author: Bennekeben


Bennekebens Sneepels Sound mod v 1.2


YouTube preview

Its NOT allowed to Re-Upload to other File Hosters
Respect the Original Link if u want to Share.
Visit our site to find all Original Links (Site link Below)
This mod is open for Personal changes.
Sound Samples Created by Bennekeben.
Sound Samples may be Used for other Purposes in change of Credits to Author.(Bennekeben)

Feel Free to sign up and be a fan @
Report a bug, Share suggestions, Ask Info/Help, Recieve Email when a new mod is Out.

More new sounds added , engine start,engine/exhaust sounds
Compatible with RJL scania r
Saved version 1.0
Fixed grills on streamline

Tested on 1.17 ets2
Working sounds for
scania r scs
scania streamline scs
scania T and R RJL
scania 50keda
Cutted the mod includes sound and engines only.
Wheels and skins are removed

With this mod im trying for something new…
this is my First attempt of the sneepels v8 scania sound
see the video how it sounds in game..
Best played with Manual shifting so u can really enjoy the whole rpm ratio the engines deliver
ive added some special sound effects to try to simulate as
real as possible but i have some limitations to convert it in a propper way to the game.

To really make the engine rumble, hold it just above 2400rpm.
It will make the nice clapper sound. u have to be under some Load to make that sound work.
when not underload the Rpm on throtle will go to fast and it will activate the Rev sound at 2490rpm.
Rev it in burst or just hold the throttle..will change the revving sounds.

This mod is also completly stand alone ( becides the fact it needs a truck to work)
Stand alone ? u keep your original sounds aswell and
if u allready use a scania sound mod just add the sneepels mod and both sounds will work depending on what engine u choose…!!
it has it own engines and sounds and will not inflict any other sounds mods.

Whats in this mod ?
The V8 Sneepels sound for the scania trucks
3 different engine types with sound for scania model Rcab, Tcab, Streamline, 50Keda

Custom Creations
Stand alone soundmod
Custom created Engine & sounds
for Scania Rcab/Tcab and streamline ,50Keda
3 Engines 680,730,1000 hp

New shift sound
New engine sounds
New air valve sounds
New motorbrake sound
Loud horn
Sneepels Sound conversion from recordings
Special Engine Effect
Other truck sounds remain stock sound
Reverse beep
Engine On/Off

Author: Bennekeben


City Combo Pack


City Skin for Scania RJL EXC Longline Truck and Trailer

Author: Ageratus Speac