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Scania P340


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– Standalone Model
– Slot 7 by Scania Dealer
– Interior
– game Version 1.22

Author: Tolik_35Rus

DOWNLOAD 174 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 174 MB [Sharemods]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold

Samsung-3 Samsung-2 Samsung-1

This mod change the ”Pearphone” from SCS to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold.
Hope you enjoy it!

Author: OveRTRucK


Scania RJL Swedish Defenders Skin


Swedish Defenders Skin for Scania RJL Truck

Keep the original link if uploading to another mods sites 🙂

Author: TIMDAM


DAF XF 95 + Tandem Mod v 4.5

DAF-XF-95-1 DAF-XF-95-2 DAF-XF-95-3

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– Has Interior
– 4 Cabin
– Chassis (Tandem)
– many Addons
– Metalic Paint
– game Version 1.22

Author: Vinzel

DOWNLOAD 228 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 228 MB [Uploadfiles]

MAZ 54329

MAZ-54329-1 MAZ-54329-2

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– Has Interior
– 5 different Wheels and Rims
– DLC Cabin
– Addons
– MAZ Sound
– game Version 1.22

Authors: Ivan Evrasov, Koral

DOWNLOAD 153 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 153 MB [Uploadfiles]

Freightliner Century Update v 4.0


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Optimization and Support under the ETS 2
Update issued in two files for each game!
The update corrected previously found shoals.
Reconfigure mats.
The work on the interior.
Reworked the entire shadow.
For ETS2 added Sabins Cabin Accessories DLC support.
Spend the same optimization on the model for more FPS. More details smoothed.
Find by Volvo Dealer
game Version 1.22

Author: VINZEL

DOWNLOAD 126 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 126 MB [Uploadfiles]

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