ETS2 Maps

If you want to expand your experience with new horizons try to download ETS2 maps. Here you will find a lot of various maps with different countries. You can expand default Euro Truck Simulator 2 map for free with these map mods. Some map mods add new countries, others modify the existing map.

Sibir Map v2.7.0 [1.49]

Version 2.7.0:
– Adaptation to version 1.49
– The R-351 highway from Tyumen to Yekaterinburg has been added, as well as the localities of Asbestos, Bogdanovich, Beloyarsky, Pyshma
– The city of Kazan has been expanded. Added a check-in to the city of Kazan in the Mamadyshsky tract area
– The M-7 Kazan-Arsk road has been added for further connection with the KirovMap project
– Argayash settlement in the Chelyabinsk region has been added
– The skin pack from Danila Tanchuk has been expanded
– Minor corrections throughout the map

Co-authors of the project: Victoria Victoria, Denis Denlog, Valery 10 Avoid, Artyom SimKA, Horizon (PM)


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Santiago de Compostela added V.7 (1.49)

This is the seventh version of my map

I have built a new section on the road to Noia, specifically the one corresponding to the parish of Laraño.

Tree walls have been removed from the area near the road and have been moved much further. These backgrounds have been subsumed by elements created to be viewed closely, which has greatly improved the appearance of the map.

I’ve blocked access to dead-end roads, keeping it as a stage, giving those roads and their surroundings a more lifelike appearance.

I have rebuilt the environment of the highway that leads to Lugo Avenue, making more realistic the environment of the San Lázaro hotel, as well as the landscape of trees on one side and the buildings near Lugo Avenue.

Many buildings have been replaced by others closer to reality.

I have also recreated and built from scratch many streets and alleys that lead to main roads. These areas do not allow trucks to enter, but greatly increase immersion and realism. Especially in the old area, but also in other parts of the city.

No errors or warnings in the game.log. Totally clean.

Well optimized. It works smoothly on even the least powerful computers.

Corrected and adapted for version 1.49.



Portugal Rebuild v0.1.2

Version 0.1.2:
– Rework A25 – A23 – A6
– Compatible with Promods 2.67

– Rebuild Évora, Olhão, Faro
– Added real companies
– VTC Companies
– New Cities
– New Roads

Have fun



HSM Map V2 ETS2 Update 1.37-1.48

This map has different cities and roads from the HSM v1 map
Map work on ETS2 1.37 – 1.48 version
Try not to combine all the mods when using any map, install the map first then the other mods, because I’m testing with no mods.
Specifically for 1.47 – 1.48 up, use the XP mod for 1.47 up

Rio Riza Andika, Fatkhul Anam


Kim Var Kim Land (Death Road) [ETS2 1.49]

Here is the KIM VAR KIM LAND (Death Road) map, which is the product of our own imagination.
You will be able to have a very enjoyable and challenging time with your friends on this map.
Standalone map. You need a new profile.
All map DLCs are mandatory

Visit our Discord server for the file password:


Kendi hayal dünyamızın ürünü olan KİM VAR KİM LAND (Ölüm Yolu) haritası sizlerle.
Bu haritada arkadaşlarınızla birlikte çok keyifli bir o kadarda zorlu zamanlar geçirebileceksiniz.
Bağımsız harita. Yeni bir profile ihtiyacınız var.
Bütün harita DLC leri zorunlu

Dosya şifresi için Discord sunucumuzu ziyaret edin:

KimVarKim Macit


Greece Extended – Promods Add-on v1.0 1.48.5

– All Greece Region straight to Athens and Southern Greece Cities (Kalamata, Sparti, and Tripoli)
– One City in Northern Greece (Drama)
– Crete Island

1. Athens
2. Kalamata
3. Patras
4. Tripoli
5. Drama
6. Larisa
7. Lamia
8. Volos
9. Preveza
10. Heraklion / Iraklio
11. Chania
12. Plakias
13. Sparti
14. Trikala
15. Kozani

– This mod consists of extracted TSM Map Greece part (Southern part of the country), Crete Island, and Drama
– Tested with ETS 2 1.48.5
– Tested with both Promods 2.67 and Promods 2.66
– All signs in this map are using Promods Greece signs
– Not Compatible with Mediterranean Expansion mod
– When SCS released the Greece DLC, This mod will be integrated to the DLC (some cities will be added to that Greece DLC)

This mods also works as a complementary mod for Petar317 Promods – West Balkans Merge

– Promods 2.66 OR Promods 2.67



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