Novosibirsk Region Map

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Map of the Novosibirsk region NSK-map (Russia)
There are 2 cities on the map:
Novosibirsk, Berdsk.

– The map is launched by a separate module! To do this, you will need to create a new profile and connect mods before starting the game by selecting the module novosibmap.mdb.
-Objects of the RusMap, SibirMap, Volga map and South Region projects were used on the map. All rights to models belong to their authors.
-The map is compatible with The jazzycat traffic pack.
– Mods for weatherseasons can work unstable! Disable random events, they don’t work correctly!

To run the map, you need RusMap 2.0 (1.36)!

The map is compatible with The jazzycat traffic pack.

Official map community:

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DOWNLOAD 449 MB [mirror]

Russian Open Spaces v 7.7 [1.36]

Map of Russia (63 cities).

Update 7.7:
– Game Version – 1.36
– Adapted for the new version of the game.
– Improved vegetation, roads have been altered in some parts of the map.
– Fixed found errors of the previous version.

Cities and towns in Russia:

Alakurtti, Arzamas 16, Arkhangelsk, Velikovichischnoe, Upper Nyud, Vologda, Vorkuta, Vuktyl, Vytegra, Gubkinsky, Izhma, Inta, Kargopol, Kem, Kineshma, Kirov, Kovrov, Kondopoga, Kotala, Kotlas, Red Bogatyr, Labytnangi, Louhi, Lyubim , Mirny, Muravlenko, Murmansk, Nadym, Naryan-Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novaya Ladoga, Novomoskovsk, Novy Urengoy, Ozerny, Okunev Nos, Onega, Oshta, Plesetsk, Morozov’s Village, Salekhard, Severodvinsk, Severomorsk, Severomorsk 3, Segezha, Soviet, Stepanovo, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tikhvin, Tobolsk, Tosno, Ukolok, Ust-Usa, Ust- elm, Ukhta, Uholovo, Khanty-Mansiysk, Kharyaga, Kholmogory, Khorey Vere, Cherepovets, Shlisselburg, Yugorsk.

Author of the map: MOROZOV (Pavel)

Supported game versions:

1.36.x + DLC Going East!

DLC “Scandinavia” and DLC “France”, DLC “Italy”, DLC “Baltik” is not required

Compatibility with third-party mods:

– If you decide to combine the card with other cards, it should have a higher priority in the list of modifications to display the entire card and orders on the card.
– Combination with other cards was not checked.

Аuthor links
Version 7.78 (you need to download all five parts):


DOWNLOAD 515 MB [Part 1]
DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Part 2]
DOWNLOAD 250 MB [Part 3]
DOWNLOAD 233 MB [Part 4]
DOWNLOAD 78 MB [Part 5]

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Poland Rebuilding 2.4.1 (for PM 2.43 and ETS2 1.36)

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Poland Rebuilding is a map mod, that is an overlay, that turns boring Polish territories making them more interesting, real and demanding. Besides expanding the road network, it offers many new interesting cities, towns and villages to and from which you can easily take orders.

Version 2.4.1 is mainly maintenance update witch add support for new versions of ETS2 and PM. Besides that, this version adds new city – Kłodzko.

This modification REQUIRE:
* Promods 2.43
* DLC Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea.

* (2.4.1) Adapted map for ETS2 1.36 patch and ProMods 2.43
* (2.4.1) Bug fixes
* (2.4.1) Added missing accessories for Renault T
* (2.4.1) Added new city – Kłodzko
* (2.4.1) Added new models of signs and posts (I part)

DIESIRAE / GrakuPL / Michaleczeq / Djdarklighter / Sebavr6 / Jakczo

DOWNLOAD [mirror]

Green BD Map For 1.35.x.x

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Green BD map is one of the most beautiful map of Bangladesh. This map was for ETS2 1.31. For this, Many Bangladeshi & Foreign people couldn’t play this one. They want this map for ETS2 1.35+. Many guys requested me to convert it for 1.35.x.x & I successfully convert this map for 1.35.x.x..Download link is given below.
There are a review of this map. You can see the beauty of Green BD Map..

*[ Note: It is only for 1.35 & Profile is also given in this file. ]

Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work. Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map for 1.35. And always support me for similar to this one!!! Please Subscribe me..

Sadman Sakib Andalib


Eldorado Map free for 1.36

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Eldorado FREE map to 1.36

Updated to new version;
Fixed bugs;

Elvis Felix

DOWNLOAD 438 MB [mirror]

High Speed Test Track

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This mod will add a very long, straight road for speed testing to the Europe map. The road is located near the Austrian city of Klagenfurt and can be accessed from there.

Total lenght: around 14,000m (around 207.000m ingame)
The road has a tilt of around 2%
Including a service, a fuel station and a garage at the lower end, as well as a fuel station in the middle of the road.

IMPORTANT: This Map was built with use of DLC Scandinavia and not tested without it, so it may not run without DLC Scandinavia. Other that that, no more DLCs are required for the map to work.

Have fun driving 😉