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Sound Fixes Pack v 21.38

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Implemented realistic sounds for the Saab JAS 39 Gripen jet fighter random event, replacing the default Saab JAS 39 Gripen jet sounds.
The sound is mixed so it sounds accurate at each angle – a true 3D sound! [ETS2 edition]

Replaced 2 default air brake sound variants.
Finetuned sound of flags in the wind.
Finetuned F22 jet fighter sound. [ATS edition]


– Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion.
– For over 5 years, the Sound Fixes Pack continues to strive for making the game’s sounds feel like real life.
– The mod receives regular updates to cover more sounds to add immersion. Thus the Steam Workshop version is highly recommended for quicker updates.


* ETS2 1.40.4 + ATS 1.40.2. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.


Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods, RusMap, etc.)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. Jazzycat’s traffic packs)
– any rain sound mods (unless proven to be compatible)


The mod features dynamic and realistic sounds, covering the following:

– Fuel / gas station sounds
– Door close and seatbelt sounds after refueling
– Trailer coupling and trailer brace rotation sounds
– Nokia phone ringtone sound replacing the late music
– Default common truck sounds (not engine or exhaust)
– AI traffic sounds
– English UK/US voice navigation variants with speaker effect added and no unrealistic phrases
– Genuine wind and tire sounds
– Location based sounds of environment
– Sounds for animated objects such as F22 jet fighters and biplanes
– Variable rain and thunder sounds
– Dynamic default wiper sound that may squeak only when windshield is dry


* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod
* antonvezdehod and Katixa for some high speed tire sounds
* Darkcaptain for a variety of thunder and rain sound samples
* Deltatristar500 for an external parking brake sound sample
* Grinch for default railroad crossing bell sound rework
* Kass for a variety of thunder sound samples
* kriechbaum for light switch sound and blinker off stick sound
* Vasily EVR for some air brake sound samples
* Zeemod for a wind sound sample


The SCS Forum link below for Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and is open to suggestions and questions about the mod:

SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Darkcaptain, Deltatristar500, Grinch, Kass, Katixa, kriechbaum, Vasily EVR, Zeemod

DOWNLOAD 61 MB [mirror]

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Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v6.7

Pack adds in traffic 998 trailers with 3628 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Only quality lowpoly models – no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.40.x
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giants Software, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, Vaarduar, SkGe, Speedy143, Steini, Slash, Krokus, News, Zeros, Kast, RommiTZ, Rudi, bik_san, Vlakyt

Version 6.7 – added 11 new trailers with 44 skins of real companies


DOWNLOAD 1.4 GB [mirror]

4K 8K SCANIA S Limited Edition 130 Years SkinPack

SkinPack “SCANIA Limited Edition 130 YEARS” includes skins for:

1. SCANIA S Highline by SCS, Eugene. 8K (8192x8192px)
a. #001 Simple black with red metallic
b. #022 Simple black with gold metallic
c. #030 Simple red with silver metallic
d. #054 Simple white with silver metallic
e. #076 Simple blue with silver metallic
f. #086 Simple white with gold metallic

2. SCANIA S Highline by SCS, Eugene. 4K (4096x4096px)
a. #001 Simple black with red metallic
b. #022 Simple black with gold metallic
c. #030 Simple red with silver metallic
d. #054 Simple white with silver metallic
e. #076 Simple blue with silver metallic
f. #086 Simple white with gold metallic

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This mod is only an addition to the mod.
Sam will not work properly, you must have one of the modifications
GPS RG PRO BLUE …… (those who have already left or will be leaving soon)

GPS RG PRO 7.0 Promods FIX fixes main navigation data for Promods v2.55
Please note GPS RG PRO 7.0 (color) Promods FIX during installation
one place higher than the selected main navigation

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Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission


DOWNLOAD 22 KB [mirror]

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