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Mercedes Atron 1635 ETS2 1.43

Mercedes Atron 1635

Several accessories lowered chassis options and many options as usual in my mods hehe good fun everyone

Modeling: Messias 3D
Conversion and finalization: Rafael Alves (Tech Games)


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Living cities 2.0 v1.42x – v1.43x

This mod enlivens 2 cities of Praha and Brno
Added – Pedestrians , Animals , Cyclists , People at bus stops and benches !!! Cities of Praha, Brno , Bratislava , Wien , Banska Bystrica , Budapest , Ostrava , Katowice , Kosice , Krakow , Wroclaw, Debrecen. Changes in 2.0
Added 3 more cities ( Lodz ) Lodz , ( Lublin ) Lublin and ( Warsaw ) Warszawa
Now 15 cities are alive

Ping Pong

DOWNLOAD 387 MB [mirror]

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Tanju Akdoğan Black Mamba

Select the trailer rim
Choose the trailer mudflap
Pay attention to the order of the mods
Sorry If We Have Any Mistakes, We Tried To Do What We Could See With Our Own Efforts.

Test versions: 1.40,1.41,1.42,1.43
Contributors: Digorlu Umut,Furkan Başaran,Mustafa Başdağ,Ogün Arslantaş,Tamer Açıkalın,Emirkan Dinçer,Ümit Aslantaş, Ömer Entereli,Muhammet Pehlivan,Enes Güneri,Musa Çakır

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Reputed Garage


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