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Welcome! Here you will find thousands of ETS2 mods in one place. Truck and trailer models, maps, sounds, tuning, truck parts and much more mods. All mods are free to download. For help about the game, you can ask in our forum or comments below any mod. If your are ETS2 mod creator you can send your created mods for us. Enjoy!

Neoplan Cityliner – Topçam 2

Heavy Vehicles Turkey Neoplan Cityliner modu için Topçam kaplaması sizlerle. Custom Template 1’de çıkar. Modun çalışması için modu araç modunun üstüne koyunuz.

Topçam skin for the Heavy Vehicles Turkey Neoplan Cityliner mod is with you. It appears in Custom Template 1. Put the mod on top of the car mod for the mod to work.



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Frosty Winter Weather Mod v9.7

This high resolution graphics and weather mod simulates winter for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Key Features
Frosty winter weather and environment
Snow/Sleet instead of rain
Roads, fields, grass & many other textures replaced with higher res versions
Random overcast, foggy and sunny weather
Low resolution tree models replaced by high resolution ones across maps
Winter road textures
Winter daylight hours and temperatures

Works with Promods, Rus Map, Southern Region and others, compatible with all map DLCs.

Compatibility Latest Version: ETS2 1.49

Changes in v9.7
Updated for 1.49

Recommended Settings
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High
Ambient Occlusion (SSAO): Off (SSAO darkens the vegetation providing a less wintery look)

Frosty is a winter weather and graphics mod and is not compatible with other weather, HDR and graphics mods such as RGM, NaturaLux, Project Next-Gen, Filmic Lighting etc.
Frosty should be placed on top in Mod Manager.
If you are also using any of the addons then place them above Frosty.
Place Frosty above Realistic Building Lights mod.



Westernstar 57x by soap98 – ETS2 v1.5.3

Changelogs v1.5.3
-Updated ui dashboard
-Fixed deplecated ui
-Compatiblity for 1.49

-Standalone truck
-2 Cabins
-5 Chassis
-8 Engines with sounds
-2 Headlights
-5 Interiors
-6 Transmissions
-Tuning Parts
-DLC Cabin supported

If you found some errors you can report it to my offcial blog at



Realistic Rain & Water & Thunder Sounds V7.0

Features In Realistic Rain & Water & Thunder Sounds:

✔ Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.49.x
✔ Realistic Water
✔ Realistic Sea, Rivers, Lakes, Beachs etc
✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds (Over 40 HQ Sounds)
✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
✔ Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects.
✔ Realistic Rain
✔ Realistic Rain Effects
✔ Realistic Rain Sounds
✔ Realistic Rain Intensity (Light Rain To Heavy Rain)
✔ Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
✔ Custom Truck Outside View – Further Zoom Out (Keyboard Key 2) Zoom In / Out (Mouse Wheel)

Realistic Rain & Water & Thunder Sounds V6 News / Updates:

✔ Added Custom Realistic Lightning Bolts
✔ Fixed Rain Sound
✔ Other Tweaks And Improvements

Please Do not Re-upload in any other hosting site/s keep the original download link

BEWARE of re-uploads by other people without permission do not support/download from these people links, always check if the uploader is: Kass

SCS Mod Forum Updates & News, Support etc:

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FS22 mods

Late Autumn/Mild Winter v5.4

This is a graphics and weather mod that simulates a late autumn/mild winter environment and transforms older parts of the map with newer high resolution graphics.

Roads, fields, grass, terrain, sidewalks, kerbs, hedges, railings, treewalls and other textures replaced with higher resolution versions
Low resolution tree models replaced by high resolution ones across maps
Grass improvements
Increased grass density
Improved road textures
Random grey sky, foggy and sunny weather
Improved rain
Leafless vegetation
Late Autumn/Mild Winter daylight hours
Appropriate temperature readings

Compatibility latest version: ETS2 1.49

Works with Promods and many other maps.
Compatible with all map DLCs.

Changes in 5.4
Updated for 1.49

Recommended settings
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Late Autumn/Mild Winter is a weather and graphics mod so other graphics, weather and HDR mods should be disabled to avoid conflicts, issues and crashes.
If you are using Next-Gen only use the base part of that mod.
If you are using RBGW place this mod below it
Late Autumn/Mild Winter should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.



Volvo FH16 2012 Classic v28.70r

Version 28.70r:
– Compatibility update for latest patch 1.49

– Standalone truck
– Cabins: Sleeper,Globetrotter/8×4/XL/XL 8×4/XXL
– Chassis: 4×2,6×2/Short/midlift/rearlift/taglift, 6×4, 8×4 etc.
– Engine (420hp-750hp)
– Standard and Exclusive Interiors
– Tuning
– Cabin Parts & Accessory

ohaha, pendragon, scs


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