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Mercedes Benz CLA

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Mercedes-Benz CLA car that is very beautiful
Credits: Ali.RZB
Model for by Jazzycat
tested 1.27.x
no leg!
interior skoda
Car on all Dealer



Real Road Textures

This mod adds new road textures. Tested on 1.27.

– Performance friendly
– HQ Textures
– Good looking
– Increased Camera FOV

Made by S.Koin, adapted by PoolZ_NS for ETS2 Version 1.27

S.Koin, PoolZ_NS


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5000 HP Engine Mod [1.27.x]

5000 HP on all trucks.
Daf XF
Daf XF Euro6
Iveco Hiway
Iveco Stralis
Mercedes Actros
Mercedes Actros 2014
Renault Magnum
Renault Premium
Scania Streamline
Volvo Fh16
Volvo Fh16 2012

MarceloJunior06 & Crispy


Alive Traffic v 1.1.1

The purpose of this mod is to simulate real life traffic and human driving as much as possible. This mod provides:
– Real life traffic experience where vehicles have speed variation depending on what kind of drivers for example; cautious people would not go over 90 km/h, lost tourists finding their way at 60 km/h, or a granny who barely sees beyond 20 meters driving at 45 km/h !!! Don’t worry, there are plenty of rich young drivers with their luxurious cars daring the devil at over 130 km/h.
– Challenging traffic where you need to overtake the slower vehicles on 2 lanes roads from time to time just to make your urgent delivery.
How does this mod work ? :
This mod set vehicles in 3 categories, Fast, Medium, Slow vehicles according to their looks but in balanced quantity between the categories.
– Fast vehicles’ top speed = Randomly between 100 – 160. (Dare devil drivers)
– Medium vehicles’ top speed = Randomly between 70 – 95. (Cautious drivers)
– Slow vehicles’ top speed = Randomly between 55 – 65. (Senior and lost people)
– Trucks’ top speed = Randomly between 60 – 90 (to simulate variation of their load weights).
– Buses’ top speed = 80 km/h because they are responsible for the passengers’ lives.
– Cops’ top speed = Randomly between 60 – 120 km/h because some of them are on a routine patrol, some are responding to an emergency, some are just …. eating hamburgers. Now the cops stay with you a little longer instead of gone in 2 seconds as before.
– According to my observation, most slow vehicles try to drive on the slow lane and let you overtake them wherever they can, but of course just like in real life, there may be some nasty drivers who think they own the road. And that’s not because of my mod, this mod is using the vanilla ai safety behavior.
– This mod is made for the game patch 1.27 and may or may not work with the eariler patches.
– It may require some official map DLCs ( i am not sure ) because i have all the maps and i suspect that some new cars may come with the DLCs.
– It should be OK with any other mod that does not touch vehicle speed.
– This mod does not touch anything else other than the vehicles’ top speed and set max vehicle count to 100 (vanilla 50). So if you see something strange, it’s not from my mod.
– I have tested with 1.27 working perfectly and it really changes the game’s driving feeling.



WX Weather Pro Edition v 1.0

– Modified Skyboxes
– Textures 4096×1024
– Changed the texture of asphalt in DLC North and DLC Going East
– Partially recycled vegetation
– Realistic rain
– Added night lighting
– Changed sounds inside the cabin
– Added realistic physics for trucks and trailers

For v1.27

JF 3DWorks Joao Felipe


Reshade v 3.0.8 (Mod 16 SP)

More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience. 🙂


Changelog: The settings were migrated to Reshade v3.0.8. Added Clarity and Technicolor 2 off. (Original colors + clarity and sharpness in the game environment.)

Note: This version is a request from multiple users. 😉


Adjustments required* in the Game***

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)

– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)

– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)

– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)

– Color Correction: OFF (*)

– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum (*)


Important: Replace the following paths in d3d9.ini**

– EffectSearchPaths=C:Gamebinwin_x64reshade-shadersShaders

– TextureSearchPaths=C:Gamebinwin_x64reshade-shadersTextures

– ScreenshotPath=C:Gamebinwin_x64

– PresetFiles=C:Gamebinwin_x64vivid and Realistic Colors Mod 16 SP.ini


Warning: Reshade is optimized for video cards (Mid range). In low-end GPU the loss of FPS is very high.

Comparison (Loss of FPS)

– Intel HD 4600: +10 FPS in the Game and +30 FPS in the Interface

– Asus Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB: 0 FPS in the Game and 0 FPS in the Interface


Reshade menu: Activate with Shift + Delete

Additional: The key to activate and deactivate Reshade is INSERT. By default it is activated when the game is started.


To use Reshade on 32-bit systems, use d3d9.dll and d3d9.ini (x86 dll folder (Backup).


Recommended Mod: (Optional)

Download: (Amplified Sound + No Bloom)

Download: (Spring Weather ETS2)

Download: (Spring Weather ATS)


Compatible: American Truck, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Test Drive Unlimited Gold y 2, GTR 2 FIA, Dolphin Emulator, etc.


Graphic Settings: (ATS/ETS2)

FXAA: (Information)

Download: (Other versions)

Preset: (Settings DB)

Facebook page:


Giving thanks costs nothing.

JuanBonX (Mod), (Autor), Crosire (Reshade)


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