Rigid Chassis for all SCS Trucks v 3.0

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Added in version 3.0:
-Adapted to version 2.0 of the Kast pack
-Added chassis for Renault T
-Some adjustments and corrections

Tested in version 1.36.x(public_beta)
-I have not tested on older versions-



Chrome Caps for Wheels v 1.0.3

Good evening everyone.

I wanted to somehow put the usual steel hubcaps for the entire hitch in a circle. After a long and unsuccessful search with a survey of many variations of several tuning packs (mostly Turkish, with very unusual, but unusual forms), I decided to do it all on my own. He started with a cap for the front wheels, and only then decided to make the rear ones, because the “Hatch” cap from SCS did not look completely harmonious with mine. I present the result to you.
For possible flaws in appearance, form and possible technical deviations from any particular model of a particular manufacturer, please do not scold too much, the task was to achieve only a more or less recognizable appearance, which is called “based on”.

Hopefully, SCS someday will make such a pair themselves for their “Hatch” caps.

The modification adds to the game caps of wheels made of stainless steel with round holes, suitable for installation on the wheels of both the towing vehicle and the semi-trailer.

Due to the variety of tires and disks, both standard gaming and other modifications, caps do not always stand up perfectly. I recommend to put them on the following models of rims:
– for the front wheels of the tractor: wheels “Absolute Fury”;
– for the rear wheels of the tractor: wheels “Standard”;
– for semi-trailer wheels: “Standard” wheels.

Tested on version: 1.36 *

Update 1.0.3:
Correction of models of the front hoods, to achieve a smoother reflection on the surface, also adjusted material settings.

Before installing this version of the mod is strongly recommended to remove the front wheel caps installed from previous versions of the mod and then put them in the game again after installing this version of the mod.

This is due to the fact that I’ve made one unfortunate mistake in the registration for the two front hubcaps have been added (mixed up the file names and the names of the accessories). After installing the new version of the mod may be that You will have a wider cap instead of the previously installed narrow. Therefore, I recommend to rearrange.



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750 HP Engine for Ford F Max

Mod add 750 hp engine for ford f max.



Realistic Headlight Colors For All Trucks V8

Version: 1.8.
work 1.27-1.36
Hi guys this mod change all trucks headlight color
some trucks xenon some of bi-xenon,old yellow lights
for example nextgen scania r and s have xenon,daf 95ati
have yellow lights
Supported trucks:
-All scs trucks.
-Old stralis,old actross,scania r,old volvo not xenon.
-daf 95 ati.
-Ford fmax.
-İveco 190-38
-Freightliner fld
-Cat ct660
-Kenworth k100 e by overloater
-Kraz 255
-Kraz 260
-Volvo f12
-Scania T
-Renault range T by voıth
-Volvo vnl pack(bsa)
-Volvo fmx
-Scania 124l
-Man tgs
-Man tga
-Man f2000
-İveco euro series eurostar,eurotech
-Kamaz 5410
-Kenworth t610(GTM)
-Renault ae magnum
-Renault major
-Renault old premium
-Renault range t
-Kenworth w900b(gtm)
-Kenworth w990(harven)
-Mercedes benz actros mp1
-Freightliner cascadia 2018
-Freightliner flb



OLSF Dual Clutch Transmission Pack 15 for All Trucks

Compatible versions: ETS2/ATS 1.35 – 1.36 Open Beta
Supported trucks:

– DAF XF, DAF XF Euro 6
– Freightliner Coronado
– Iveco Hi Way, Stralis, Strator
– Kenworth T680 & W900
– MAN F2000, TGX, TGX Euro 6, TGA
– Mercedes Arocs, Actros MP1-MP4
– Peterbilt 389 & 579
– Renault Magnum, Premium, T
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Scania R, Streamline, T (SCS/RJL)
– Volvo FH12, FH16, FH, VNL
With unsurpassed efficiency, immediate gear shifts and great performance, the OLSF iDCT dual clutch transmission is the ideal companion for your truck.

Transmissions included:

iDCT-8R Gen5 [Dual clutch]
iDCT-16R Gen5 [Dual clutch]



OLSF Engine Pack 46 for All Trucks

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.35 – 1.36 Open Beta
Supported trucks:

– DAF XF, DAF XF Euro 6
– Iveco Hi Way, Stralis
– MAN TGX, TGX Euro 6
– Mercedes Actros, Actros 2014
– Renault Magnum, Premium, T
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Scania R, Streamline, T (SCS/RJL)
– Volvo FH16, FH 2012
The OLSF engines pushes the virtual motor controller to the limit, using all parameters available for mods.

– Immediate delivery of maximum torque at low rpm
– Constant delivery of power up to 2500 rpm
– Low internal friction to reduce fuel consumption and improved throttle response
– Very complex torque curve and power parameters calculated realistically

ATS version available in
Engines included:

OLSF V6 Efficiency Plus XG
—> 510 HP / 2400 Nm / Redline: 2000 rpm
OLSF V6 Efficiency XG
—> 630 HP / 3000 Nm / Redline: 2000 rpm
OLSF V8 Efficiency XG
—> 780 HP / 3700 Nm / Redline: 2000 rpm
OLSF V8 Performance XG
—> 950 HP / 4500 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm
OLSF V8 Performance R XG
—> 1200 HP / 5700 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm
OLSF V12 Efficiency XG
—> 1150 HP / 5400 Nm / Redline: 2000 rpm
OLSF V12 Performance XG
—> 1400 HP / 6600 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm
OLSF V12 Performance R XG
—> 1790 HP / 8500 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm
OLSF V12 Extreme R XG
—> 2085 HP / 9900 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm
OLSF V12 Extreme RS XG
—> 2400 HP / 11400 Nm / Redline: 2500 rpm



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