ETS2 Parts/Tuning

If you want to make your truck unique try tuning/parts mods. These ETS2 tuning mods provide new visual and technical characteristics. Here you find engines, gearboxes, body parts, lights, stickers and many more parts to make the truck more detailed. Do not forget to see other ETS2 mods.

ETS2 Wheels Pack v1.0.3 1.46

Rusty dirty and dusty. For truck and trailer
Lots of dirty old tires for trucks and own trailers, standard rusty nuts, covers, 1 kind of axle hubs for the rear axle of the truck and trailer. And disks, on all axes.

-update for gooseneck trailer,
-small deviations. 1.46

-Includes 3 types of front hubs “MB”
-Paintable a little rust.
-Green classic rust and creepy rusty.
-And added icons with the “jerrymods” logo for a more convenient search of my details.
-Added a change to the texture of the spare wheel of the trailer Log, Box, flatbed. Mud and winter
-Add 315/80 tires and new truck rims dirty rusty. rear hubs

1.46 support

scs, jerry


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Beacon Edit by JBM v2.3

– Convoy/multiplayer compatibility added
– Update for 1.46

WHAT This Mod Does:
This basic mod simply changes the flash properties of SCS beacons and vehicle warning lights in the game. It is fully tested in game versions 1.46x with a clear log.

Player Trucks & Trailers:
– Increases speed of Radiant and Pulsar* rotating beacons, as well as Bonfire and Space rotating beacon bars.
– Assigns typical Vision Alert style flash pattern to Pulse II* LED beacon, as well as Star* and Nova* LED beacon bars.
– Changes flash pattern of LED Strobe.*
– Removes “The Space” text from The Space beacon bar.

AI Trucks,Trailers, Service and Emergency Vehicles:
– Increases speed of rotating beacons.
– Changes flash pattern and speed of LED beacon bars.

Special Transport Escort Vehicles*:
– Changes flash pattern of LED beacon bars and warning lights.

jbm, scs


Michelin X Multiway 3D v1.46.1.0

– Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE 315/70 R 22.5 Tyres (Front, Rear & Trailer).
– BigT Standard Rims (22.5″) in Matt, Gloss & Paintable (Front & Rear).
– BigT Elite Rider Rims (22.5″) in Matt, Gloss & Paintable (Front & Rear).
– BigT Alcoa Rims (22.5″) (Front & Rear).
– The Rims have the scaling as SCS’s Standard rims, so all SCS’s hubs, nuts & covers fit on the new rims.
– Since the new Rims have a full rim model, with a back side of the rim, that gives an awesome look of the entire wheel from the front and the back.
– Not like the SCS Rims models, where they only have a front side.

Compatible ETS2 1.46

scs, bigt


Painted Bull Bar

Mod adds a painted Bull Bar.
It works with stock Scania S&R, as well as with mods, replacing stock (for example from Eugene).

– Added SCANIA 164 RJL support.



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