Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 1.6

Pack adds in traffic 241 trailers with 903 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Only quality lowpoly models – no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.33.x
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giants Software, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, Vaarduar, SkGe, Speedy143, Steini, Slash, Krokus, Vlakyt

Version 1.6 – added 52 trailers with 208 skins of real companies.


DOWNLOAD 510 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 510 MB [Modsbase]

Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 4.6

Pack adds in traffic 332 BDFs with 655 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.33.x
Compatible with all my packs.

Version 4.6 – added 12 new skins of European real companies.


DOWNLOAD 272 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 272 MB [Modsbase]

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Sounds for BDF AI Truck Pack by Jazzycat v 4.5

Personalized sounds for Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat, you need to place my mod above the main mod that you can find here:

Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 4.5

this mod includes also some small tweaks of the max_speed values for some trucks.


if you use my Real Traffic Density mod v1.33.f you will get BDF trucks as separate type of vehicles which will spawn separately with ratio vs normal trucks at maximum 1:10. this has the great advantage that you have more chances to see BDF trucks in traffic, especially the country specific BDFs which as normal use as trucks you may never see. also a selection of smaller sized BDFs and with no trailers were stored as city_trucks with exclusive spawn in cities. this will make the only city_trucks, the garbage trucks appearing more rare.
my last version of Real Traffic Density mod is here:

Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.33.f

more important:

if you don’t use my traffic mod, you need to delete from my BDF sound mods the following 3 files located in def/vehicle folder:


without removing these 2 files you will only see in traffic the allocated BDF trucks as city_trucks and no BDF trucks with trailers.


Cipinho, Drive Safely, Jazzycat


Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 7.0

Pack adds in traffic truck+trailer combo with skins of 580 real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.33.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Skins: TerRay, ScaniaLAD, IJ’s Mods, AJFV1998, Millsyb, Speedy66666, harry, Sky76, JE80, Trucker2011, KHAOS-XX, RCPHiL, S&S-Skinning, Fred_be, Woody, nportegies, Repin, BartvHam, Barttt, ThreeGlavModz, MaxLowe, Freddy Jimmink, Elitesquad Modz, Zoso, Bluemanc, stewowe, Toft-N, Sparrow, DHL, SISL, indian56, radar, Josiesomething, Oswald, Rudy, steini, senator07, lucianandrei, 19vvv05, ryaskins, n.velickovic, ed101, Slenderhun, Futrzaczek99, Farmerbeavis, eskolaite, kriistof, ECdesign, Dragan007, Stephana Stephen, Campinges, DavyBerto, DrRossi, DaviD_SRB, klunk, Bayun4ik, A.Mikhaylov, Pirelli81-HUN, Zeros and others.

Version 7.0 – added new companies: HTF Logistics, Heppner Transport, HAVI Logistics, Transportes Isabel Alonso, Vuylsteke Transport, Noerpel Spedition, Joanca Logistica, Hamacher Logistik, Diakinisis Logistics.


DOWNLOAD 448 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 448 MB [Modsbase]

Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 2.8

Pack adds in traffic 72 sport and super cars:

AC 378 GT Zagato
Alfa Romeo 4C, 8C competizione
Arash AF10
Ascari A10
Aston Martin One 77, DB9 Volante, Rapide
Audi R8, TT
BMW Z3(E36/8), Z4(E89)
Bugatti Veyron
Donkervoort D8 GTO
Falcon F7
Ferrari LaFerrari, 612 Scaglietti, GTC4Lusso, California
Ford GT
Ginetta F400
GTA Spano
Gumpert Apollo N
Hennessey Venom GT
Honda NSX, S2000
HTT Plethore LC-750
Jaguar XJ220, F-Type
Koenigsegg One:1
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, Diablo, Veneno
Lexus LFA
Lotus Exige S Roadster, Evora
Lucra L148
Maserati Gransport, GranTurismo
Mazda RX-7, RX-8, MX-5
Mazzanti Evantra
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT, SLK(R172), SL(R230)
McLaren 570s, P1
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mosler MT900
Nissan GT-R, 370Z
Pagani Huayra, Zonda
Peugeot RCZ
Porsche 911(997), 718 Boxster, Carrera GT
Rezvani Beast Alpha
Savage Rivale Roadyacht
Sbarro Alcador
Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca
Spyker C8 Aileron, C12 Zagato
Toyota GT86, Celica, Supra
TVR Sagaris
Vencer Sarthe
W Motors Fenyr Supersport
Wiesmann MF3
Zenvo ST1

All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.33.x
Included two versions: for use only with default traffic and for use with Jazzycats AI pack.
You must have in mod folder two files:
sport_cars_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v2.8def.scs (only with default traffic)
sport_cars_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v2.8jaz.scs (with Jazzycats AI pack)
If you want to have many sport cars everywhere use only one file:

Version 2.8 – added Jaguar F-Type, Lotus Evora, Pagani Zonda.


DOWNLOAD 39 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 39 MB [Modsbase]

Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.33.f

changelog v.1.33.f
-corrected timing at toll barriers opening
-extincted slow vehicles from cities and motorways (you will see them disappearing when local road ends)
-restored rule for all trucks have trailers (too many truck without trailer by default)
-restored scs timing for deceleration to reduce accidents rates, still can happen more in Germany due to unlimited speed
-restored default values remove forward and backward distance
-reduced overal traffic at night time
-reduced train frequency
-tweaked spawn numbers for motorcycles, doubles, classic and sport cars
-added support for bdf trucks as separate type of vehicles (details on my thread on scs forum)
important! don’t update my mod yet if you play on Hungary map; the Hungary addon will be updated soon!

Cipinho, Todor Alin


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