ETS2 Trucks

Category decided for ETS2 trucks. Here are placed thousands of truck models. Most of them are European brand trucks, but you will find other trucks also. If you are a coach fan, here you can download various coaches and busses for ETS2. In this category we share only model mods, if you are looking for tuning or parts choice Parts/Tuning category.

DAF XF 105 by vad&k v 7.8.1

– Completely redesigned EU interior. We added a lot of new parts and replaced the standard texture
– Redesigned external model.
– Advanced coupling supported.
– Support of all possible DLC on accessories and flags.
– Support for coloring – not complete. Coloring on the roof to go to is not entirely correct.
– A large number of tuning salon and exterior model
– Added some paint_job.
– Added several independent accessories in the cabin (requires the “DLC – Cabin Accessories”)
– Support the “DLC – XF Tuning Pack” (requires the “DLC – XF Tuning Pack”)
– Added several options for chassis and cabs.
– And other changes
Mod replaces the standard DAF XF105 of the game.

In mods, with the permission of the author, there are some materials from AlexeyP, Piva, Donovan and Vasily EVR.

Attention, before updating the mod, be sure to finish all the shipping and sell the old truck !!!

Attention, if you are using a mod for physics – in the mod manager, install the mod on physics BELOW addons DAF_XF_by_vadik_v.7.8 and Kraker/NTM_for_the DAF XF by vad&k !!!
Attention, if you use the adapted physics for the DAF XF105 mod from vad&k, do not forget to make changes to the configuration files that are in the \def\vehicle\truck\daf.xf\chassis and \def\vehicle\truck\daf.xf\cabin !!!

Report a problem, follow the changes in the mod, get help, etc. you can in my topic at the official forum of SCS Software:

– fixed a bug with some missing light accessories.

Currently supported game version: 1.44 work on other versions – is not guaranteed.

Keep authors links.

Credits: vad&k, SCS Software
Credits: DAF_XF_by_vadik_50k_addons: 50keda
Credits airconditioning mod: Elitesquad Modz, vad&k
Credits Kraker/NTM for the DAF XF by vad&k: Kast, Nordisch, vad&k
Credits of on-board computer: piva
Credits of interior view: KoTuk071 (PodoNok71rus)
Credits of skins: “Jan C. Swijnenburg”: TheNuvolari

DOWNLOAD 64 MB [mirror]

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Mercedes Benz 1933

– Working without bugs in version 1.44.x
– 4 chassis options
– 3 engine options
– 8 transmission options
– Various internal and external accessories

South Gamer

South Gamer


MAZ 6422M (RTA_Mod) ETS2 v1.44.x

MAZ 6422M from Team – RTA_Mod. For ETS2 version 1.44.x.

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought from MAN and Dealers of MAZ Modifications.
3 wiper modes.
native salon.
Not a big tweak.
1 chassis and 1 cab.
Fuel tank with a volume of 950 liters.
There are accessories in the cockpit + toys from STEAM.
Own wheels – 4 types of tires and 2 types of disks
Advanced hitch missing 🙁

Last changes:
Adaptation for ETS2 version: v1.44.x.
Attention: Errors are excluded, since the mod was tested on a test profile!
Converting the main 3D model “PMG” to a new format (SCS Blender Tools).
Convert “PMA” animations to new format (SCS Blender Tools).
Fixed the viewing angle of the side mirrors outside and in the interior.
Changed and optimized the physics of the truck on the road.
Fixed in-game log to be 100% clean.
The mod is fully optimized and ready to work!

Test on ETS2 version: 1.44.x.
All good mood and pleasant travel!!!

ATTENTION: Please do not confuse with the truck MAZ-6422_ (1981) from the Authors JAWA, Stas556 !!!

Authors: RTA_Mod.
Adaptation to 1.44: MaxX_AGENT.
Steering wheel, windows and cables animations: AJIEHA and Funyash.
Whole 3D model conversion and animation: MaxX_AGENT.
Game log improvements and fixes: MaxX_AGENT.

DOWNLOAD 117 MB [mirror]

Volvo FM/FMX fix v1.6 1.44

Changelog 1.6:
Update for patch 1.44

Mod combine the FM and FMX fixes since the trucks are virtually the same, it makes my life a whole lot easier if there is only one mod with both trucks using the same base.

The mod includes:
4 Cabs
4×2 chassis
4×2 low deck chassis
6×2 chassis
6×4/4 midlift chassis
6×2 tag chassis
6×4 chassis

3 Cabs
4×2 chassis
4×4 chassis
6×2 pusher chassis
6×2 tag chassis
6×4 chassis
6×6 chassis

If you want to change the light box decal you will find a template in folder “template”. You need to save in folder \vehicle\truck\upgrade\decals\volvo_fm\textures with the name “” and default size is 2048×1024 for xhsl cab and “” for hslp cab!



Scania 113 Series

– Various chassis options
– Various engine options
– Various transmission options
– Various interior options
– Various options of external and internal accessories

Tested in version 1.44.x

South Gamer


Freightliner Argosy v2.7.4 [1.44]

Changes v2.7.4
– Compatibility update for game version 1.44
– Standalone
– Volvo Dealer
– Your own interior
– Their sounds (several options)
– Your wheels
– Many tuning and accessories
– Metallic color
– Skins
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories
– Support advanced coupling
– added in fast work.

Authors, SoftLab-NSK, odd_fellow, stas555, dmitry68 and FRANK_WOT


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