Scania R500 V8 8×2

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– Independent (Standalone )
– Ao Is Covered.
– It Has Its Own Engine Sound.
– Centipede Load Available. (Open and examine the how to load document.)
– RGB cabin lighting available. (Opens With O Key.)
– Foot Lighting Available.
– Extra Animations Are Available. (Indicator salutation, contact, Indash tape, Pedal etc.)
– Paintable Bodywork Strip Available.
– Turkish Upholstered Interior Is Available.
– Two Display Options Are Available.
– Plenty Of LED Array Is Available.
– Cabinet accessory is DLC compliant.
– Optional Bodywork Sheet Is Available.
– Optional Exhaust Fumes Are Available.
– Various Storage Options Are Available.
– Various Catalyst Options Are Available.
– Various Crate Options Are Available.
– Various Stop Options Are Available.
– Various Rear Bumper Options Are Available.
– Various Tarpaulin Options Are Available.
– Various Chrome Signage Options Are Available.
– Various Bodywork Sheet Advertising Options Are Available.
– Various tire and rim package options are available.
– Various Mirror Options Are Available.
– Various Sun Visor Options Are Available.
– Various Steering Options Are Available.



-Bağımsız (Standalone)
-Ao Kaplıdır.
-Kendine Ait Motor Sesi Mevcuttur.
-Kırkayak Yük Mevcuttur. (Yük nasıl alınır belgesini açıp inceleyin.)
-RGB Kabin Aydınlatması Mevcuttur. (O Tuşu İle Açılır.)
-Ayak Aydınlatması Mevcuttur.
-Ekstra Animasyonlar Mevcuttur. (Gösterge Selamlama, Kontak, İndash Teyp, Pedal vs.)
-Boyanabilir Karoser Şeridi Mevcuttur.
-Türk İşi Döşemeli İnterior Mevcuttur.
-İki Adet Gösterge Seçeneği Mevcuttur.
-Bol Bol Dizili Led Mevcuttur.
-Kabin Aksesuar DLC Uyumludur.
-Seçenekli Karoser Sacı Mevcuttur.
-Seçenekli Egzoz Dumanı Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Depo Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Katalizör Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Sandık Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Stop Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Arka Tampon Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Branda Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Krom Tabela Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Karoser Sac Reklamı Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Lastik ve Jant Paketi Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Ayna Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Güneşlik Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
-Çeşitli Direksiyon Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.

Harun Aras, Erdem Kuzey, Serhat Pamuk, Hüseyin Şafak, Umut Gülbaş


Ford Cargo

– Mod Standalone
– 11 chassis options
– 8 engine options
– 13 transmission options
– Working without bugs in version 1.35.x



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Mercedes Benz Volare W9

– Working without bugs in version 1.35.x
– 12 company skins from South America
– 3 engine options
– 2 transmission options

Skin edit:



Kraz 255 [1.35] (Update 04.10.19)

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– Buy in Volvo Dealer
– Standalone
– Interior with DLC Cabin support
– Sounds
– Its wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– 1000 litre tank
– Engines with torque curves
– Standard and high-speed gearboxes
– Tested 1.35 Game Version

Update 04.10.19:

– Added KrAZ 258 tractor with 6×4 chassis and 320-508 road wheels.
– Reduced the diameter of the rear twin wheels for KrAZ 258 to normal size.
– For KrAZ 258 remade most external accessories, added its own spare.
– On KrAZ 255 maximum volume of cans with additional a keg-1,200 liters, on KrAZ 258 – 1,000 liters.
– KrAZ 255 now only with wheels heightened terrain.
– Chassis tractor KrAZ 255 shortened to realistic dimensions and it removed unnecessary parts from the chassis of the truck.
– Fixed track width of the wheels.
– Fixed the location of the rear springs.
– Reduced saddle.
– Fixed shadows.
– Fixed position of front panel accessories + added one slot.
– Added support for advanced hitching. With standard trailers from SCS does not work because of the very high height of the chassis.
– Added gearbox option “YAMZ-236N + transfer case”, only for manual switching.
– Added a separate mod for compatibility with accessories Sisl’s Mega Pack.
– Various minor improvements.

Support for advanced coupling is currently more formal, as there are no trailers with the desired chassis height.
Therefore, to work with standard trailers disable advanced coupling in the gameplay settings.

For the first three low-power engines in the fashion additionally available to choose from gearbox “YAMZ-236N + transfer case”, which is designed only for manual control. The machine in the game with it does not function correctly.
The first 5 gears are elevated for normal conditions, then neutral and 5 gears of reduced range for heavy duty conditions.
Other automatic transmissions work fine.

koral, cepkoc, _69_mf_ , kv0


Kenworth T2000 (ETS2 v1.35.3.14s)

Tested on Game Version ETS2 v1.35.3.14s

Interior: default (remake)
Sound: CAT C15, Cummins N14, Cummins ISX 15.
Upgrade: bumper, sideskirt, cdradio in interior, mudflaps.

Update ETS2 v1.35.x: real trailer cables, fixed wipers animation from cabin view (wiping rain again).

3D model: Dmitry86.
Remake and conversion to ETS2: MRD_Hasky.
Wheels: SCS.
Sound: kriechbaum, YanRed.
Help: e121, DeXtor31.
ETS2 v1.35.x update: vasja555, sagenhaft1972
Driving in ETS2 v1.35.3.14s: sagenhaft1972

Add .scs file to your mod folder. Don’t forget to enable mod in profile selection. Little problem shown in game.log, but can drive the Truck very good.

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Have fun!

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Scania G420

3 Chassis
2 Cabin
And Multiple Options
It Is Forbidden To Break The Vehicle!!