ETS2 Trucks

Category decided for ETS2 trucks. Here are placed thousands of truck models. Most of them are European brand trucks, but you will find other trucks also. If you are a coach fan, here you can download various coaches and busses for ETS2. In this category we share only model mods, if you are looking for tuning or parts choice Parts/Tuning category.

Volvo NH12 2000 edit mjtemdark [1.37.x]

Add volvo nh12 2000 standalone, upgrades 1.35.x
-Includes 4×2 6×2 6×4 chassis
-Low Cabin and Globetrotter
-Various Accesories(bars roofgrills, stickers, fenders,etc)

-Update to 1.37.x
-Animated windows and window buttons
-Fix windows raindrop
-Convert sound to FMOD(restanho nh12 sound with original parameters)
-Fix colisions

– Not works in previous versions
– Truck have an external window accesories and stickers, this overlap the original windows, due to a actual game limitations, these models aren’t animated, Recomend remove this accesory for see the animated windows.
– Includes Skin Templates
– Includes DLC toys and DLC flags activation mods

Gabriel Costa, Robert Lima, Roberto Restanho, mjtemdark

DOWNLOAD 29 MB [mirror]

Kamaz 5490 Neo/65206 v0.1.3 #SRMap [1.37.x] (upd:14.06.20)

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The mod is adapted for patch 1.37, with its new sound system (FMOD).
(unofficial update)

Fixed mat files, textures, fixed errors in registration, in the logic of the mod, and so on.
=Added new transmissions (gearbox):
-ZF 12 AS 2130
-ZF 16 S 2221,
updated previous ones:
-G 211-12 PowerShift2
– PowerShift G230-12.

=Replaced the only Ahog-ova engine (OM 457) with two new ones:
– OM 501LA BluTec 5 under 4×2 chassis
– OM 470 Euro VI under 6×4 chassis
all with the appropriate sound sets, in the FMOD standard.

=Adjusted the weight (and physics) of the truck to match the complete set of the chassis.

If desired, you can assemble any set of available items: chassis+engine+gearbox+cab.

=The truck is registered in the dealer cent of Mercedes-Benz – now you can buy it in different ways:
-by visiting the dealer in person,
-and (or) remotely via the “modification Brands” menu.

=Updated and expanded completeness when working with Agency orders (Quick Job)

From unresolved-there is no animation for opening/closing side Windows. The sound (sound effect) is there, but the animation itself is not.

The log is clear.

author of the adaptation: dobr4060

Max_Dmitriev, SimKA, Jon_Ruda, EVR Studios, Piva, Alex Budaev, dobr4060


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Mercedes Benz Axor MP1 V3

Sürüm: 1.37
AO Kaplama
Perdeler,Bezler,Yeni Koltuklar,Yeni Halılar Eklendi
Boya Hatası Giderildi
Ayna Hatası Giderildi
Cam Açılıp Kapanabilir
Orjinal FMOD Motor Sesi
Havalı ve Normal Korna Sesleri
Yeni Modifiye Parçaları
Keyifli Sürüşler!

Version: 1.37
AO Coating
Curtains, Cloths, New Armchairs, New Rugs Added
Paint Error Fixed
Mirror Error Fixed
Glass can be opened and closed
Original FMOD Engine Sound
Air and Normal Horn Sounds
New Modified Parts



Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 1.1 (UPDATED) (1.37)


– Added air horn accessory slots
– Added beacon accessory slots
– Added compatibility for Accessory Pack

– Retarder sound (waiting for SCS Modding Wiki guides)
– Air Horn sound (waiting for SCS Modding Wiki guides)

Author: Ralf84 | Credits: Scaniaman1989, Fabian Modding, Ventyres, Dani Lee, Ekualizer, Peerke145, Kriechbaum, Mixer66, Baltazar

DOWNLOAD 378 MB [mirror]

SCANIA R700 Reworked V1.0 for 1.28.X

New in this version:
– Updated mod for 1.28.x
– Added UK Interior
– Improved Interior
– Improved Textures
– New Steering Wheel
– New dashboard gauges
– Fix accessory parts missing texture
– Some parts remain original, some others replaced

RJL, Au44, Anatoliy7459, Moders Team Poland, HomerS, Aleksandro, Helpka, Kyto, Kasuy


Mercedes Actros MP4 edit by Alex V1.6 [1.37]

Version 1.6 (1.37.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.


-Decresead files size and optimized the models;
-Cleanup of mod structure files;
-Removed unnecessary files from mod;
-Added support for HS-Schoch Tuning Pack;
-All cabins and chassis are now a single .pmd model;
-Adjusted height of lowdeck chassis;
-Changed truck dealer truck configuration (UK and Europe);
-Reworked the GigaSpace 8×4 cabin for new accessories;
-Reworked 8×4 chassis + new accessories;
-Revisited cabin definition files (removed/added new string files);
-Krone Load Carrier raised and moved towards the truck;
-Updated truck dealer trucks with new accessories (Standard and UK);
-Updated UI icons for accessories;
-Fixed and updated template for BDF Container;
-Fixed truck dealer trucks blocked for purchase until level 25+;
-Fixed paintjob problem on some accessories (others need still fixes);
-Fixed truck dealer truck missing accessories (UK and Europe);
-Fixed UI icons on accessories;
-Fixed gaps inside cabin models;
-Fixed gaps inside chassis models;
-Fixed lower bumper grill models;
-Fixed locators position – now with scs numbers on models;
-Fixed lights lightmask on some chassis and cabins (added on missing chassis);
-Fixed quick job trucks missing accessories (UK and Europe);
-Fixed front and rear license plate locator on chassis;
-Fixed hieght of trailer hook on 6×2 BDF chassis;
-Fixed front license plate on 8×4 chassis;
-Added temporary SCS interior models until the new ones are ready;
-Added translations and icons on most of the parts;
-Added support for windows animation (1.37.x);
-Added new steering wheel animation;
-Added missing slot for Stoneguard in interior view;
-Added missing slot for middle glass plate in interior view;
-Added interior windshield slots (free slots);
-Added 8 more catalog colors;
-Added toolboxes for 8×4 chassis (original, chrome and paint);
-Added 2 new chassis: 4×2 BDF standard and 4×2 lowdeck tandem + accessories;
-Added stock blanket model on interior as an accessory;
-Added stock bed model on interior as an accessory;
-Added stock corner deflectors;
-Added air filters as accessories for their cabins (standard and tandem cabin);
-Added air filter tube as accessories for their cabins (standard and tandem cabin);
-Added new paintjobs + fixes and rework on older ones;
-Added many company skins to Box Liner & BDF container (Special thanks to @klauzzy);
-Added missing Kelsa lightbox on GigaSpace cabin (more options in the future);
-Added Hypro Trux Bull Bar (chrome and paint + slots);
-Added BigSpace cabin to 8×4 chassis + accessories;
-Added more UI icons for accessories;
-Added localization to some accessories;
-Added side reflectors (white and yellow);
-Added new parts to truck desktop model;
-Added rear accessories for 4×2 lowdeck tandem;
-Added adblue tank missing on chassis from Kast addon chassis;
-Added new fueltanks for short 6x chassis;
-Added stock rear bumper to 8×4 chassis;
-Added paint and plastic rear fenders and rear top fenders for 8×4 chassis;
-Added 2 new curtains option: front+side; side only;
-Added painted air filters for all cabins;
-And many other fixes.

– Alexandru_Andrey
– Sogard3
– ValheinXL
– SCS Software
– and all others who contributed in this mod
– B787(tester)
– Schwedentrucker_09(skins/tester)
– ActrosMP3(textures/tester)
– Klauzzy(tester/skins)
– ImRob(tester)
– Wippy(tester)


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