ETS2 Parts/Tuning

If you want to make your truck unique try tuning/parts mods. These ETS2 tuning mods provide new visual and technical characteristics. Here you find engines, gearboxes, body parts, lights, stickers and many more parts to make the truck more detailed. Do not forget to see other ETS2 mods.

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Old Logo Scania 1969

Old Logo scania, 4 variants standalones

* Painted ( with template)
* Lighted
* Chromed
* Plastic

Works on Scania Next Gen en All Scania by RJL

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Instagram Page:

HorseeHorse Modding


Oldskool hangers pack

I decided to make a small hanger pack.

My intention was to make a bigger pack but decided to stop so yeah, here it is.

Compatible with all scs trucks and rjl scanias. (If it isnt compatible with your truck just def it, the mod is open ;D)

Everything in this mini pack:

Drakkar Holland Hanger
Danmark Style is our Way Hanger
Vikingway Hanger
Thermoking Hanger
The Drakkar Hanger
Redlight Zone Hanger
Poppy Pine Hanger
Poppy Jasmin Hanger
Poppy Cattlya Hanger
PBA Hanger
Oldskool Trucking Hanger
Oldskool Gangsters Hanger
No farmers No food Hanger
Hollandstyle Truckshop Hanger
Holland Truckersalliance Hanger (2 Versions)

Thats pretty much it,

Have fun!

Anonymaus Customs


Pack Accessories Scania Next Gen – Fixed Scania S 2016

I was told that a lot of accessories did not appear on the Scania Next Gen S, so I corrected this and I apologize for the inconvenience!

Pack accessories for Scania Next Gen contains:

* 9 Steering Wheel Vabis
* 4 Variants DRL for white Light and Yellow Light
* Yellow Light ( many variants)
* Sideskirts 4*2 with LoBar
* Big Sunshield
* A lot of MudFlaps

All Accessories are Standalone

Logo Scania 1969
Variants Logo V8 Box
Sideskirts Lobar 6*x

FB Page:

HorseeHorse Modding


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