ETS2 Parts/Tuning

If you want to make your truck unique try tuning/parts mods. These ETS2 tuning mods provide new visual and technical characteristics. Here you find engines, gearboxes, body parts, lights, stickers and many more parts to make the truck more detailed. Do not forget to see other ETS2 mods.

[1.49] Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack [Krone DLC required]

These models were made from real products. The Mercedes-Benz Actros 2014 swap body carrier chassis system was modelled regarding the “Saxas Fahrzeugbau” system. The MAN TGX Euro6 and MAN TGX 2020 swap body carrier system was modelled regarding the carrier system by “MAN”. The Scania models are based on the “Standardlifter” from “B. GΓΆbel & Sohn GmbH”. You can also select a second chassis for Scania, that was made based on the carrier system from “Brandl Fahrzeugbau GmbH”. These Chassis were modelled, textured and implemented into EuroTruckSimulator2 by me (Sebastian7870) and SCS Software. Special thanks go out to MatzeH, who modelled the air intakes for the Mercedes-Benz New Actros 2014 cabins.

Please note that you need the “Krone Swap Body Pack”.

Tested Game Versions


You are not allowed to re-upload any files inside this modification
(Β§2 and Β§7 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (German Civil Code))


This modification was made by Sebastian7870. (CopyrightΒ© by Sebastian M. – 2023)



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Slot Mod for MAN F2000 from xbs by EbersdorfGaming V10.1

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Slotmod for MAN F2000

Autor: EbersdorfGaming
version ETS2 1.48


_________normal bumper with slots
_________rear bumper with slots


_________interior Slots
_________Cab High Roof slots
_________cab High Roof slots + Bar
_________Cab low Roof slots
_________Vabis Wheel


_________sideskirt with slots (Holland)
_________4 signs

recommend mod for lighttunings:
Talmu pack
Belka Customs

____________________________ Author: EbersdorfGaming _____________


v10.1 fixed slots on rearbumper + ad more slots
reworked the custom bumper

v10.0 added rearbumper with slots
added compatibility for Belkas: mudflaps, rearlights, doubleburner, numberplates and numperplate lights
added Vabis Wheel

v9.0 added compatibility for belka interior accessories to use the Interiorlights
added lightbox for High Cap with 4 more slots
added slots for r_mudflaps

v8.1 small fixes for 1.48

v8.0 added Holland Style Sunshield with slots

v7.0 added roofgrill with slots
added more slots for High Cap
added two slots on bumper for mudflaps

v6.0 added sideskirt with slots for 4×2 chassie

v5.0 added more slots for Cab High Roof and Cab low Roof
added 1 new sign (EG-TruckStyling)
adden something funny for the winter time πŸ˜€

v4.0 added 4 sings [TIR/No TIR/ 60 km/h/ 80km/h]
interior slots [jewel plus]

v3.1 small fix for 1.45 and used other names in the menΓΌ

added slots for the bottom bar
new icons

added slots for lollypops on mirror


fixed error with daf euro6
added lowroof slots



Low Deck Chassis Addon for DAF 2021 v1.4

Version 1.4:
– Replaced side battery model from SCS DAF XD

– The battery is located between the front axle and the fueltank on left side.
– Shorter fueltank on left side due the new battery position(790l).
– Shorter fueltank on right side(525l).
– Different size on exhaust system.
– Different position of rear fenders.
– Shorter mudflaps on front and rear axle.
– Lower 5th wheel position.
– Raised spoilers for cabins.
– Different rear suspension.
– Shorter chassis behind the 5th wheel.
– Added XF chassis.
– Reworked XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added 690+400L fueltanks for XF chassis.
– Added 690+525L fueltanks for XF chassis.
– Added 720+400L fueltanks for XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added 720+525L fueltanks for XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added rear fenders with old taillights.
– Added XF short chassis 3,6m WB.
– Added sideskirts (With and without hole for exhaust).
– Added 525+400L fueltanks for XF short chassis.
– Added rear mudflaps with reflective banner.
– Fixed rear mudlfap size.
– Added more fueltank options with accessories on right side.



EKO Truck Parts v2.4.6

Version 2.4.6:
– Added support for DAF XD

Adds new parts for DAF 2021, SCANIA S/R, FORD FMAX, MAN TGX 2020, RENAULT T and SCANIA RJL

MAN TGX 2020:
– Sunshield
– Big sunshield
– NEW Big sunshield + stone guard
– Bumper lip
– Bumper lip higher
– NEW Flat bumper lip
– NEW Curved bumper lip with red underglow
– NEW Curved bumper lip
– Side bar with pockets
– Side bar clean smaller
– Side bar clean
– Side bar clean for midlift
– NEW Side bar clean for midlift with red underglow
– Light covers (usable from Front Grill Bottom slot)
– Light covers v2 (usable from Front Grill Bottom slot)
– Roof bar for GM cab
– Roof bar for GX cab
– Roof bar for GX cab v2
– NEW Roof bar for Low cab
– Exaust stacks(usable from s_deflector slot)
– Square 480l tanks for midlift
– Square 480l tanks for midlift with cover on other side
– EKO Truck Parts window sticker
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

DAF 2021:
– Interior sidepads (usable from bed slot)
– Square 850l tanks for 6×2 taglifts
– Rear lockers behind spoiler (usable from side panel slot)
– Bumper lip
– Big bumper lip
– Roof bar for XG+ (usable from beacon slot)
– Side spoilers with DAF old logo
– Side spoilers with painted DAF logo
– Side skirt bar with pockets
– Small side skirt bar
– Sunshield
– Sunshield with stone guard
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

– Front bull bar
– Interior sidepads (usable from bed slot)
– Middle light covers
– Lowbumper lip
– Highbumper lip
– Side bar for midlift
– Stone guard
– Stone guard v2
– Sunshield with no markers
– Sunshield with no markers v2
– Corners for Scania S(usable from c_grill slot)
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

– NEW Roof bar
– New SUPER logo (usable from f_gril slot)
– Small lip for High bumper
– Light covers (usable from badge slot or f_gril slot)
– Painted stone guard
– Next Gen Scania style corners (usable from kattokilpiv slot)
– Interior sidepads (usable from dices slot)
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

– Big sunshield
– Bumper lip
– Side bar
– Bullbar
– Roof bar
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

– Big sunshield + no front mirror option
– Bumper lip
– Side bar
– EKO Truck Parts backwall piece



Truck Dynamic Mudflaps

Supported Trucks:
– Scania Streamline
– Scania R/09
– Scania R 2016
– Scania S 2016

I do plan to add more supported trucks in the future
This mod has been tested and works on ETS2 Version 1.48.5+



Abasstreppas Light Fix Pack v1.01

Each bar has 5 types of finishes:
Polished Stainless Steel
Matte Black and Shiny Black
Matte Truckpaint and Shiny Truckpaint

Also included are beacons, amber and white leds with flash leds and small red, white and amber leds, as seen in the pictures below

Trucks supported so far:
Scania NextGen: Front bar, roof bar for normal and high cab
Daf XD: Roof bar for low roof, 2 versions, one for 6 lamps and one for 4 lamps, were the latter uses those outmost hookups for beacons etc instead



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