ETS2 Maps

If you want to expand your experience with new horizons try to download ETS2 maps. Here you will find a lot of various maps with different countries. You can expand default Euro Truck Simulator 2 map for free with these map mods. Some map mods add new countries, others modify the existing map.


Iberia Rebuild is an addon for the Promods 2.60
It improves the Iberian Peninsula by adding new roads, cities, more details and the most important – realism!

Changes in Spain:
– Addition of a new road around Madrid
– Addition new scenic town Arganda del Rey
– Remade signs for the A55, AP-9, and A-6 highways
– New service stations in the South of Spain
– New roads in Spain
– New city Toledo
– Roads N-403 and N-401
– New city – Guadalajara, with company. ( near Madrid).

Changes in Portugal:
– Reskin some areas and adds new stuff in Porto
– Reskin all signs on A20 (IC23/VCI)
– New roads, road signs, and new company in Porto.


1. For game version 1.43.x
2. Works in Convoy Mode
3. In order to use the Iberia Rebuild Map Mod, you need to have all map DLCs for ETS2, since it requires Promods installed. The addon must be above the Promods files.

Moreira, Augubor Lithuania, Xico26


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MAP – SibirMap 2.0 UE for ETS2 [1.43] – Version 2.3.0

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Map updated! (13.05.2022)
Version – 2.3.0

Map changes in version 2.3.0 (last update):
– territories and cities of Bashkiria (Beloretsk, Oktyabrsky, Ufa (more).
– the territory of the Tatatstan region and cities (Almetievsk, Bugulma, Bavly).

Map changes in version 2.2.0:

Adaptation for game version 1.43.
– territories and cities of Bashkiria (Salavat, Sterlitamak, Ufa (airport area).
– the territory of the Kurgan region and the city of Kurgan.

Map changes in version 2.1.2:
Added: territories of Bashkiria and Orenburg region (Tyulgan, Isyangulovo). A beautiful area is the mountainous Urals.
Expanded Chelyabinsk, added a new city district and district Chelyabinsk (owed money from the last release). Conditions have been created for development in the direction of Ufa, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg.


The Map of Siberia project is being revived, now it is a project for the default module (europe), at a default scale of 1:19.
Docking with the classic set of projects RusMap + SouthernRegion + GreatSteppe + VOLGAMAP.

Otherwise, the principles are unchanged:
– Detailed study of the area
– Custom objects
– Construction on panoramas and satellite images
– Correct backing and docking of the maps.

Map showing progress: … sp=sharing

Installation Procedure:

– Rusmap (Map, Def, Model)
– GreatSteppe
– Volgamap
– SouthernRegion
– SibirMap 2.3.0 MapDef
– SibirMap 2.3.0 Model

ATTENTION: The map is can be launched by a separate module! To do this, you will need to create a new profile and connect the mods before starting the game by selecting the siburmap.mdb module.


The version of the game for the map: 1.43.
Necessary map dlc: ALL (Going East, Scandinavia, Viva la France, Italia, Beyond Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea, Iberia).

Official community map:
Youtube-channel of the author of the map, where recordings of streams on mapping are available for you:

Links to the map (two files MAPDEF AND MODELFILE):

And thanks to everyone who supported the project!

Map Author: Valery 10AVOID
Author of SibirMap objects: Denis DENLOG, Victoria VIC
Technical support: Mitriy124, Roman KZ_09, Artyom Polynsky (SimKA), Sanya Ribka.
Special thanks: Leonid Chernousov, Sergey Zubarev, Julia Tkachenko.


Base Map freedom V1.2 1.43

Hello there
-map adapted to 1.43 version.
-The map has not been changed, because there are cities to be added in the 1.43 full version.
-The map is not being developed to avoid errors.
-Future updates when 1.43 is full version;
Closed areas and closed roads will be opened in 25 cities.
-The Scandinavian region is now 70% improved. All closed areas and closed roads will be opened in the Scandinavian region.
– 50% closed roads and closed areas will be opened for Italy.
More than 50 new roads will be built.
You can come to our discord server for more information.



TopSpeedArea Map 0.2 (1.44)

TopSpeedArea Map 0.2 – For 1.44

Changes :
-Updated to 1.44
-DLC requirement ( Road To The Black Sea is required )
-Fixed bug on entry on the area of speed

How to play on this map?
1)Create a new profile(old profile has bugs)
2)Select TopSpeedArea from Mod Manager
3)On playing module , select topspeedarea.mbd
4)Have Fun!:)

if you find a bug you can write me on YouTube at the last video!



extreme road 2.0.5 1.43X

This mod is an extreme road map
A new archive file needs to be reopened
QQ exchange group: 916352970 [Analog Department]

Yard mods and billboard mods are provided by junjunli!
Special thanks to the author Junjunli!

Special thanks: SVK MAP by kapo944

Built-in lossless code, no need to add lossless MOD

It will be updated from time to time due to the current work situation.
It is expected that after this update will become a weekly update!

If you have good ideas or good suggestions, you can also contact me by email!

BUG feedback email: [email protected]
Alternate email: [email protected]
DISCORD group:



Pomezania Map 1:1 v1.4 Full

Fictional map in scale 1:1
All DLC expanding the map required for the map to work.
Create a new profile and select the “pomezania.mbd” map module.

Complete replacement of road signs on the entire map by Matz32!
Almost 45 km of roads.
Name changed from Malbork to Malbork Piaski II.
The districts of Malbork Wielbark / Kałdowo / Królewo and the port and industrial town of Półmieście have been added.
Two VTS Van-Trans and RKS Logistyka have been added.
Add Volvo, Renault and Man dealer.
Add more detail.
Fixed display of viewpoint names.

Fix “glare” on road signs “boards”



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