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Map meeting compatible with Promods and basic map

Work on version 1.33.x & 1.34.x

KPBR Modding


Bangladesh Road Map Beta Version 1.31-1.33

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PLease read the full Document
About updating 1.33 version
SCS is being very ridiculous updating the game every month.But the problem is,while updating the game they change lots of materials, geometry and other modules.It’s pretty tough to work with the pace.But still,we could keep the pace but in 1.33 they removed some old trees from France and Scandinavia DLC . Also the changed many many materials which caused lots of problems.As a result it became the hardest job to update map in 1.33.After working a long time,I have updated the map in 1.33. I am really not so sure how it will work but I believe it will work nicely. Thanks!!
So,I recommend to download ETS2 to enjoy this Amazing map.But I promise I expand the map later.

This is the beta version of Bangladesh Road map. Preview link has been given below
Key feature:
1. R545-R685 Nazipur-Rajshahi
2.N6 Rajshahi – Puthia
Upcoming version 1.0
Key feature
1. N1 Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar
2. Dhaka-Naogaon
Other versions will have more routes of Bangladesh. Please wait for the versions..
Map Version:
Dealer: Volvo-Rajshahi
Only 3 dealers are available currently.
Playing Module: Bangladesh.mbd
Map Creator:
Please try not to use Next gen mod.Because by default this map has some amazing tree models and they create amazing shades which are close to real.Also by default this map has green corns which are really beautiful.But Next Gen mod removes those tree models and shades and changes the textures…
So,please try not to use Next gen mods.
Preview link has been given below.
Play and Share your experiences!
If you find any problem regarding links or maps,please knock me here.I will solve instantly



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Trucksim Map 1.34 for Patch 1.34

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Dear TSM fans,

after many busy weeks we finally made it. The new TSM is ready and available now for your trucking pleasure.

Please note that it only supports Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.34.X.
To be able to play it, you need to have every current map DLC including the new Beyond the Baltic sea extension.

The most time consuming work was fixing the critical gas station issue, but we also fixed some more bugs and included three new cities.
These are Orléans in France as well as Hoppegarten and Vogelsdorf in Germany.

We hope you’ll have as much fun discovering the new areas as we had creating them. Happy trucking!

Your TruckSim-Map team


To continue using TruckSim-Map (TSM), you need for version 1.34 and newer the DLC Going East!,
Scandinavia, Vive la France !, Italia und Beyond the Baltic Sea!

Changes in version 1.34:

Adaptions for game version 1.34
Some bugs fixed
New city in France: Orléans
New cities in Germany: Hoppegarten, Vogelsdorf

In order to play this map version, the game version 1.34.X is mandatory!
Older and newer game versions are not compatible.

The TruckSim-Map should have the lowest priority in the mod manager!


Before installation, you should finish or cancel your running delivery.

Then disable the old mod files, enable the new mod files and delete the old mod files from your mod folder.

Our mod is splitted in six parts.


These six parts are shown in the „game.log.txt“ as „1.34“.
Compared to prior versions there are changes in all six parts,
so you need to replace all of them!


Mods by the TruckSim-Map team are subject to the Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Further permissions can be requested from the TruckSim-Map team.

You are allowed to only download this mod from the officially offered links.

You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other file hosters.

You are allowed though to share the official links publicly. Please keep the original links.

This supports the project TruckSim-Map.


No commercial usage — This work and its content mustn’t be used for coomercial purposes.

No changes — The work and its content mustn’t be changed in any way.

No other download – You are allowed to only download this mod from the officially offered links by the TruckSim-Map team.

– – –


TSM Team


Petrovo Map v 1.3

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Standalone map, you must select the module map11.
Need all DLC.
Motor Shows: Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Daf, Man.
Garages: Petrovo, Litvinovo.

Version 1.3:
– added MAN auto show in Berezhki.
– New areas for recreation.
– SALSRL loading base appeared in the Military camp.
– many improvements, fixed bugs.
– added two settlements: Berezhki and Military town.

Oleg Kretov


deTbiT Bus Terminal – YKS Turkey Map Addon

YouTube preview

This is the addon for using deTbiT Bus Terminal Mod v1.3 with YKS Turkey Map v1.32

Please watch the video for setting up mod manager.




Rusmap for 1.33 fix

YouTube preview

I already connected Rusmap with DLC within Realistic Russian highways mod. But I got a request to release only connection. So here it is.
You still need the def file from here:

Fix Rusmap 1.8.1 + Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC v 1.0 (1.33)

but, unlike his connection, I kept Rusmap’s content as much as possible, so you won’t have long roads with only forests. Also, you won’t notice a height difference between DLC and Rusmap.