Road Atlas

Road-Atlas-1 Road-Atlas-2

Included in this mod are the background images, and for the job market map(s) a brighter green “selected city” marker and pale blue “undiscovered city” markers. ROAD COLOURS ARE DEPENDENT ON YOUR GAME_DATA.SII FILE WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED HERE.

Author: Elmer BeFuddled

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Pro Mod v 1.91 Colour Maps

Pro-Mod-Colour-Maps-1 Pro-Mod-Colour-Maps-2

A small mod to replace the default ProMods World Map and Job Market map with a more colourful background.
For those using the default game map, with or without Going East, I’ve made a separate map.
Coverage is all of the new ProMods v1.91 map area and the mod only contains the required background images.

Author: Elmer BeFuddled

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Trailer Coolliner Standalone

semitrailer standlone

Here is the original

Credit: Vaay1999
Standalone: Fred_be


Templates All Trucks


Templates for Trucks:
– Volvo FH 2012
– Volvo
– Scania T-cab
– Scania
– Renault
– Mercedes
– Iveco
– DAF XF Euro 6

Author: lordofking1100


TDU Traffic Pack reworked

TDU-Traffic-Pack-reworked-1 TDU-Traffic-Pack-reworked-2 TDU-Traffic-Pack-reworked-3

Tested on 1.16.x
This mod includes all vehicles from TDU. The chance of every car to appear has been drastically increased (from 0.01 earlier to 0.5 now). However, super fast/expensive car are less likely to appear than cheaper cars. For example, an Audi-S6-avant will appear more often than a Bugatti Veyron. SCS-cars will still appear the most.
Mod should work with all maps. Most northern European countries included, countries of north Africa excluded.
Traffic density increased, from max. 50 cars/4 trucks to 80 cars/7 trucks.
The traffic density, spawn rate of different cars etc. etc. is the same in every country included. Have fun!

Author: DualCore


Scania R500 Ronny Ceusters

Scania-R-500-Ronny-Ceusters-1 Scania-R-500-Ronny-Ceusters-2

YouTube preview

Detailed Scania Ronny Ceusters Truck with lights, wheels, skin
Tested 1.16.1.

Authors: Syncron, Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, Mihai, Ventyres, Sebastian

DOWNLOAD 39 MB [Uploadfiles]
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Cummins ISX Sound Mod v 2.0 for Peterbilt 379 & T800


YouTube preview

Version 2.0 of the Cummins ISX engine sound is ready.
It works for Pet 379 & Kenworth T800. Later i ll do it for Coronado and others if needed.

Author: Kriechbaum