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K-ON! Combo Pack v 3.00.1

———Happy New Year 2019!!!!———

Update Log:
-Owned Trailer Included.
-Update for
-Remove Old Trailers.

Truck Paint :
-Mercedes-Benz New ACTROS
-SCANIA R-Series 2009 (SCS)
-SCANIA R-Series 2012 Streamline (SCS)
-New Volvo FH

Trailer :
-KRONE CoolLiner Trailer 2017
-KRONE DryLiner Trailer 2017

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Facebook Site :

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New Game (Manga) Combo Pack v 1.7

————2018 Merry Christmas!————

Update List
– Add Christmas Variant Trailer Paint. (Lite Version Only)
– Restore Krone Double Profi Liner Trailer in Freight Market.
– Scania R-Series 2016 Truck Paint 8×4 Variant Update.
– Volvo FH Truck Paint Suitable Locked.

Truck Paint
– DAF XF 105
– Improved DAF XF 105 by AlexeyP
– DAF XF Euro 6
– Iveco Stralis Hi-way
– MAN TGA by MADster
– MAN TGX by MADster
– MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster
– Mercedes-Benz New Actros
– Renault Premium
– Renault Magnum
– Scania R-Series 2009
– Scania R-Series 2012 Streamline
– Scania R-Series 2016
– Scania S-Series 2016
– SISU R500/C500/C600 by RJL
– Volvo FH
– Volvo FH & FH16 2012 Reworked by Eugene
– Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha

– Schwarzmuller Reefer Trailer by SCS Software
– Krone Profi Liner by SCS Software

Trailer Paint
– Krone Dry Liner
– Krone Cool Liner
– Krone Profi Liner
– SCS Box 136

– Schwarzmuller Reefer Trailer Model: SCS Software
– Schwarzmuller Reefer Trailer Convert: LH Trucker
– Krone Profi Liner Trailer Model: SCS Software
– Truck Paint and Trailer Paint: TKK5050-3Chome(TJ Line Workshop)
– MAN TGA Truck Paint: Sneien

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Villart Logistic Skin Pack (for low decks)

:::4k Villart Logistic SkinPack, low deck edition:::

The following mods are required (download links can be found inside the archive):

Renault Magnum Updates by knox_xss
Low deck chassis addon for Renault Magnum Updates by Sogard3
Krone Megaliner by Sogard3
Krone CoolLiner Mega by Sogard3



[Official] Momo’s Logistics all Combo

This is a combo skin pack of Momo Logistics for all SCS trucks and owned trailers.

This skin is the winner of a skin making contest held in September – October 2018.

I am not the maker of the skin but the skin maker has granted me the permission to publish. The skin maker name is “Private Person”.

Krone trailer skin addon pack is available separately which you can get it from the link below:
Krone trailer skin addon link : (coming soon)


Although all the intellectual property rights belong to SCS, But please respect hard works of the mod author.
The mod author does not give consent for anyone to:

– Re-post by any other download link other than the given link above.
– Re-post as is, as your own.
DONATION (Not required, but highly appreciated)

Any amount (even one cent) of your kindness & support will be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately friends invitations will be accepted on certain circumstances only. However, you can contact me through:

1. The comment section below. (Rude comments will be deleted)
2. Facebook fanpage:
3. My Youtube Chanel:
4. My email: [email protected]

Momo, Private Person


Arslan Skin Pack

[TR] ARSLAN NAKLİYAT Skin [Çekici & Dorse ]

Arslan nakliyat skin dosyaları çekici , dorse ve sogard low deck modlarında çıkan plaka modu var içerisinde arkadaşlar. 5-6 adet TR plaka ekledim istediğinizi seçersiniz.

Gerekli modlar aşağıda linklerini paylaştım.

Facebook : Adam Steel Transport
Instagram : AdamSteelTransport

ARSLAN TRANSPORT Skin [Truck & Trailer]

Arslan transports skin files in attractive, semi-trailer and sogard low deck modes have plate mode in the friends. You can choose to add 5-6 TR plates.

I shared the links below the required modes.

Facebook: Adam Steel Transport
Instagram: AdamSteelTransport

Renault Premium Schumi :

Low deck Chasis Addon :

Krone Megaliner by Sogard :



Mezen Skin Pack ( 1.32 alpha )

FR : La deuxième version du skin pack Mezen arrive et puisque j’ai eu des difficultés avec les skin je vous propose ici une version alpha de mon mod qui propose :
-Renault Premium 430 au couleurs du lycée
-Man TGX ( retravaillé et dispo sur toute les cabines ) au couleurs du lycée
-skins de remorques du lycée ( malheureusement vu que j’ai eu deux trois problèmes avec le modding les skins vont s’appliquer sur les chassis suivant : Krone ( bâchée ), BBR ( porte latérales ), Kaiser ( caisses tôlés ( frigo, ou fourgon ), semi “Porsche” ( fond mouvant ( j’en suis vraiment désolé mais comme je l’ai dit c’est une alpha donc beaucoup de motif auront lieux ))

voila merci de votre compréhension et amusez vous bien avec le skin pack ! ^^

ENG : The second version of the skin pack Mezen arrives and since I had difficulties with the skin I propose you here an alpha version of my mod which proposes:
-Renault Premium 430 in high school colors
-Man TGX ( reworked and available on all cabins ) in high school colors
-skins of high school trailers ( unfortunately since I had problems with the modding, the skins will apply on the following chassis : Krone ( tautliner ), BBR ( side door trailer ), Kaiser ( dry vans trailers ( fridge, or van )), semi-trailer “Porsche” ( moving floor ( I’m really sorry but as I said it’s an alpha so a lot of modifications will come ))

Thank you for your understanding and have fun with the skin pack! ^^

SCS, Mathonner

DOWNLOAD 21 MB Truck Skin
DOWNLOAD 4 MB Trailer Skin

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