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Realistic Fines Mod v 3 1.17

Realistic Fines Mod

Here is V3 of my fines mod for ETS2, I made it again using the 1.17 def file and tweaked the not-sleeping fine to a more reasonable amount.

The fines used are real fines from The Netherlands and although the not-sleeping fine is 550 irl, I set it to 250.

As always, go to your ETS 2 documents folder and drop it in mod and enable it in your profile.

Please note that V2 does NOT work.

Author: mazdarati2


Autosave and Generic save Pictures


Here is mod collection which include 3 different SCS mods this mod change image of Autosave and Generic save picture when you load you save game

Please if you share my mod use only original link and please read included TXT file!


-Man Truck Picture
-Scania Truck Picture
-Monster Energy Picture



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Real Hungarian Companies v 1.2

Real-Hungarian-Companies-v-1.2-1 Real-Hungarian-Companies-v-1.2-2

– Reworked all textures : Better quality, new player logo, reworked company logo, reworked all trailers skin to fit all kind of trailers, new gas station, recruitment agency..)
– Completly reworked AI trailers traffic and cargo to be more realistic and fit better with company
– New models for all trailers
– Added new trailers : Tipper and empty trailers
– Fix errors and more..

Authors: Igor Nitch, Pete379jp, Rommi Tz, Bertan06

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Sharemods]

Man TGS+Police Skin+Police beacon


YouTube preview

Hi Folks greetings,
This Mods contains 3 mods
MAN tgs by GTMIKE(There was an error steering wheel and wiper appearing red is corrected now)
NeonMODv2-Sevke(I dont know who is the author but thanks to him too)
and the Police skin by me
tell your opinion about the mod as i have recently learned how to create and edit mod and dont forget to use the police beacon.

The Indian Trucker

The Indian Trucker


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