Skoda Karoq 2018

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Sürüm : 1.30
Satıcı Galeri : Tüm Galeri’ler.
Model : Recep34
Convert : MerTR,VakkoTeam.
Edit Yasak.
Link Değişmek Yasak.
Tekrar Upload Etmek yasak.
İyi Oyunlar Arkadaşlar.

Release : 1.30
Dealer Gallery : All
Model : Recep34
Convert : MerTR,VakkoTeam.
Not Edıt.
Not Reupload.
Not Change Link.
Good games Guys.



14 Responses to Skoda Karoq 2018

  1. S1234 says:

    it doesn’t work! Please do it because it seems beautiful!!!!

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  3. Kei says:

    not standalone in very bad car!!!!

    • DaNN_YT says:

      I see the same criticism comments on all the mods on the site, try to create a mod and after that we will see how many bad opinions you will get! You really are a fool! Friend, this web site is not about you! Fool!

  4. _-cugar07-_ says:

    looks nice

  5. Kei says:

    sorry 🙁

  6. edsor says:

    Horrible plagiarism of Skoda number 10003 (this is not a mod: it’s just a bad edit of another mod. You can believe me: I wish I could say something good, but it’s impossible. I do not know how to make mods, but that does not mean I can not distinguish between a good job and a bad one)

  7. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  8. Eurotrucker says:

    Same deal with this car as it is with the new A8, Polo etc is that this is NOT the way to do it. All this is is a copy paste on the Superb chassis with no custom sound, no custom handling etc, and worst of all no World of Trucks plate but a Turkish plate, I don’t like driving around with a Turkish plate and it can’t be that hard to include a World of Trucks plate. The textures also mostly need some work. This is a 5/10 mod, based on a great idea, so please take note and don’t spam Turkish cars like madmen and work on one to make it better. Thanks in advance.

  9. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  10. eniu says:

    whuj kiepawa furka na bazie kury superba

  11. A random person... says:

    This would be better if:
    – The Turkish no. plate was removed
    – Different sounds (engine, indicator, etc.) were implemented (though I understand if you can’t)
    – The speedometer works

    It’s very nice but I hope you will make it better in the future if you follow my steps.

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