BDF tandemo vilkikų paketas atnaujinimas v 22.0


Volvo FH16 2009 ir 2012, Scania 2009 ir Streamliner, MAN TGX, DAF XF, naujas DAF XF Euro 6, Mercedes Actros, Iveco Stralis ir Hiway, Renault Premium ir Magnum BDF tandemai su priekaba ir kroviniais

1.14.x žaidimo versijoms

Autoriai: Flemming Vinge, SCS ir Blender (50keda’s Blender)


12 Responses to BDF tandemo vilkikų paketas atnaujinimas v 22.0

  1. TurboTrucker says:

    Does this mean that 1.14 will be coming very soon?

  2. Loleczek says:

    Siema mam takie pytanko te tandemy to tylko będą niebieskie ? Czy z różnych firm takie jak : Fedex Dhl Raben itd.

  3. Sigmar says:

    Hey, can i remove the Eurovinge skin somehow? I mean it’s abit annoying cause i get that blue box and then there is the big yellow eurovinge logo on the trailer, is there a way to make the whole back tandem part white not blue with the world of truck logo, i dont want the eurovinge either.

  4. manzyy says:


  5. UnableRogue says:

    Is there another link? It’s reached the max download limit.

  6. sewcio65 says:

    Proszę o nowy link.

  7. UzokYT says:

    template ? 😀

  8. Greg says:

    Ask the author…
    Mod has been updated to V24.0

  9. TheProGamer says:

    Where download trailers?

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