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SIŲSTI 77 MB [uploadfiles]

SIŲSTI 77 MB [sharemods]


8 Responses to DAF atnaujinimas

  1. ROX says:

    Old #### for 1.8.25 nothing new it’s just reupload cr.zy b.stard !!!

  2. lambo603 says:

    This doesn’t work
    (if i edit my profile game don’t see only this mod)
    This just don’t work

    • Jhznny says:

      have you changed the file type to scs?
      DAF Crawler & High Lift 1.14.scs
      DAF Crawler Sound MOD 1.14.scs
      Camo Trailer MOD 1.14.scs
      zzz DAF Low price & unlock 1.14.scs
      all you need to do is right click rename and change it from .X on the end to .scs in the mod folder they will then appear in the edit profile folder

  3. Theosz says:

    updated to 1.14x and made, last modified in february/2014?

    It is the same mod I already have!

  4. Majoox says:


    I dont unterstand what you mean with “.x” files. These will not show in the game.

    You made correctly:

    Open Winrar, click “Rename” and then delete “.x”. then write .scs where previously stood .x

    When the Truck not shows in the Game, you click on some Daf-Truck, and go to the Truck-Configurator. You can see two new Cabins and Chassis.

    I hope my english right out, about understanding.

  5. ASD says:

    The game crashes when i try to change the cabin, Can someone please help?

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