DAF XF Euro 6 variklių nustatymai


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6 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 variklių nustatymai

  1. we call that useles peace of #### daf have v6 so dont ruin daf please

    1. DAF uses the Paccar mx I6 engine not V6. look it up if you dont beleave me

      1. Ok, but not more than 510hp! This is why it could ruins the thing.

  2. bimbo2704

    Absolutely nonsensical funds! From when is 1000Mp only 400Kw? Pray for value adjustments behind at least a little real. Thanks.

  3. Rocket455Man


    Power is nothing!

    Only torque is something!

    …and the last torque parameter of sii file…

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

    1. Yep only torque value is actually used, all other data is purely for display. All engines have same torque curve regardless of @rpm data you put in.

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