Extreme priekaba


142 tonų Extreme priekaba

Autorius: Maximate


5 thoughts on “Extreme priekaba

  1. 142 tons of mercury !? Are you sure that you are well? This is the simulator, it is not STAR WARS!

    1. UnableRogue

      According to your perspective it’s OUR galaxy that’s far, far away.

  2. Faelandaea

    So looking at the screenshot, you created a cargo that is so off balance and weighty that it pulls your rear wheels off the ground so you can’t pull it anywhere anyway, regardless of how powerful the engine is . . . good one . . . no thanks. I’ll stick to the 150 tonnes of chocolate I made as a joke for my sweetie (totally unrealistic but it made her laugh) – it doesn’t pull my truck off the ground LOL.

    1. My picture is ######. Trailer don’t raise your back wheels of the ground. My truck is on the sidewalk.

  3. Modsbyrob

    That skin was the finishing touch! Mods like this make me wonder what went through the creator’s mind that this would be a good idea? xD

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