Freightliner Cascadia + Salonas v1.0


Vietoj Iveco
Testuota žaidime: 1.3.1
Autorius: ETS2MOD


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia + Salonas v1.0

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Very nice screens, and the work i believe is proper done, no daubt about that, but when i download it, file is damaged i get and i can’t see or use it in game,

    Hopefully some-one has a perfect DL?

    Have a nice weekend all,


  2. jyothiprakash

    please post another link to download

  3. jyothiprakash

    download link not working

  4. Link works!

  5. jyothiprakash

    will you plz post another link

  6. raulonchon

    good verry good good xdxdxdxdxd

  7. Freddy Jimmink


    They fixed a view things witch are not important, locked it and think it’s okay?

    No way José! It doesn’t work at all, interior faillure and prblems and wheel problems and so on, form a beautifull board i can’t eat!



  8. Crashes whenever I go into the interior in the truck shop or when I want to drive it via the truck manager.

  9. Yet another useless POS

  10. It’s just like a real Freightliner.. it doesnt work!

    1. hulkai102

      And Just Like An Ant.. You Live Underground!

  11. Mod-Loller

    useless replacer mod…

  12. Nice thought… but problematic. Please create stand alone. Many others have been able to do so so far. I have nothing to gain in fixing for myself, so I would be glad to turn to stand alone if you could send me the unencrypted files.

  13. gigi kent

    if it has bugs why bring it here ? Make a product that works 100%. Nobody wnats a buged truck. Take some time and think about that…

  14. When are the wipers going to get fixed and when is v2.0 coming out? in one of the comments he says soon but it has been pretty long since he said that

  15. Great Truck Just needs the bugs fixed that’s all.

  16. I agree with Tom, where is the v2.0 eh? Its either your making that the final version or you just don’t have enough time, if time is your problem ask another mod creator to create the 2.0 version of the cascadia. Hope you take this into consideration.

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