Kenworth Т800 + salonas


Pakeičia DAF sunkvežimį
Žaidimo versijos: 1.4.8 ir 1.4.12

Autoriai: Conte_Oleg, MAZ_MAN


23 Responses to Kenworth Т800 + salonas

  1. viper21 says:

    nice truck! can make for 1.3.1 version?

    • JA says:


      (And if anyone must know, I want to stay with 1.3.1 because many mods I like don’t work in 1.4X yet)

  2. Lauris says:

    Truck is nice but have many bugs!!
    Mirrors doesnt work, once you turn view more to the left or right, Truck sound have 2 noises when going over 2000rpm and dissapears completely wehn going to 2500rpm, only turbo sound can be heard then.
    Windscreen cleaners does not work when rains.

  3. Леонид says:

    можно сделать работающие дворники снаружи

  4. Dave says:

    look above in the description it clearly tells you that it for 1.4 patches and up

  5. lonestar88 says:

    Probably one of the best truck mods yet ( to a American ), but why such a horrible engine sound. Use the one from the other kenworth mods…. And why the mirrors not work when looking straight only when you move the camera. Please fix thanks

  6. Colin says:

    I have to agree with lonestar88 the engine noise is absolutely HORRIFIC and the mirrors are well absolutely abysmal and are bugged to HELL take this off the page and work on i properly fixing all these including the bugged mirror please Conte_Oleg, MAZ_MAN

  7. Sib3rius says:

    Credit to Sib3rius for the Pipes, Tanks, Sounds. Ventyres for the wheels. Fix your credits. If you look at the original video I pointed out the bugs which are to be fixed in a later version, as for the sounds they are still a work in progress, a better version is to be released later on.

  8. Artam says:

    We wait for next version thx m8.

  9. Jonathan6204 says:

    Nice awesome mod just a few bugs
    but still worth downloading

  10. americantrucker1112 says:

    be so awsome if u made a dump truck version of this truck

    • JA says:

      Yes, would love a T800 tipper and dog trailer

      • americantrucker1112 says:

        no i meant a frame dump truck not a trailer search kenworth t-800 dump truck ull see what i mean

  11. JA says:

    No, I know what YOU meant.

    I’m saying I would like a T800 tipper (dump truck) and dog trailer. Like this..

  12. americantrucker1112 says:

    my dream is to have 1 single dump truck in this game is it that hard?

  13. americantrucker1112 says:

    nice t-800 im guessing that pic is in australia by the air cleaners on the cab im serious tho theres not a single dump truck in this game ive searched and searched and theirs not one

  14. americantrucker1112 says:

    also a tipper trailers nice but i perfer a tag trailer maybee hauling some equipment

  15. americantrucker1112 says:

    what i had in mind was this file:///C:/Users/leanne/Desktop/imgres.jpg

  16. reece says:

    doesnt show up in game for me and im on 4.1.8

    • JA says:

      I found it at large DAF dealer – Amsterdam (netherlands) on game version 1.4.12

  17. JA says:

    -Side mirrors work fine so long as you have BOTH “F2” mirrors activated on-screen, but the small round mirrors (including ones on bonnet) freeze unless I look left or right a certain amount.

    -Truck can be painted at workshop paintshop but bonnet remains white looking from inside the truck (view 1).

    -Wipers move but do not clear rain on windshield

    -Sometimes the dash gauges are not visible at night? (I don’t think they are backlit properly, so if there is no external light the gauges & needles can not be seen).

    Hopefully these small bugs can be fixed as it is otherwise a very nice truck to drive.

  18. JA says:

    Can’t drive this until authors fix the wipers.

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