MAN F2000 + naujas salonas


MAN F2000 sunkvežimis su nauju salonu

Autoriai: Mr.Green, DieselRocker, Groove, Kirill73rus


4 Responses to MAN F2000 + naujas salonas

  1. roadrunner says:

    please make it RIGHT HAND DRIVE then it would be one of the best mods ever

  2. Gerald Payne says:

    crashes system

  3. Bernie says:

    A very good truck. Thank you. Perhaps a better place for the navi could be right under the dashboard.

  4. J says:

    After driving this truck for a while I came to love it, especially seeing a series called Auf Achse I have a love for these old trucks, but it has an issue where trailers bump into the cabin on tight turns, not physically but the physics reacts to it, I tried two different physics mods.

    Is there any way to adjust the truck for it?

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