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Autorius: daf1


12 Responses to MAN salono papildiniai

  1. RuNNeR says:

    How much I wait for that

  2. Pieter says:

    Could you make this for other trucks too?
    Like for a Volvo 2009/Renault Magnum?

  3. blunt says:

    Good job,

    too colorful for my taste

    could you create a different version of this mod?

    Where there’s only curtains, gps and
    pennants on the window?

    That would be awesome!


    • Joe9 says:

      I agree. Just without that colored interior. Curtains and pennants are awesome!

  4. БЕРКУТ-UA says:


  5. max says:

    could you make this for 50k scania r2008

  6. UKDemon says:

    doesn’t seem to work

  7. Monster_33rus says:

    Hooray!Hooray!Finally I waited for this mod! Thank you very much daf1!!!!

  8. Popokate says:

    Hi 🙂 make you please interior for Iveco Hi Way ? 🙂 thanks ! 🙂

  9. LAUP says:

    I’m looking for a right hand drive version of this, can you help?

  10. nikita says:

    я за рулем

  11. SimonTrucker112 says:


    I have tested this mod right now on ETS 2 1.26.x
    Everything works fine, except the steering wheel, because it´s not there !!! Could you fix this please and update the mod for version 1.26.x ??? It would be awesome !!! 🙂

    Thanks in advance and expect your answer 😉



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